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  1. Jelan's Blog

    First, Alliance Battles are fun, especially with a full 4 men guild team. These AB`s were my first ones and I had fun without end. MM in AB rules. Made nearly 40 k of Faction, got me some amber for it or distributed it to the Alliance.

    Second, I tried some builds, some worked (I wish I could see the face of the warrior which tried to kill me and got damage from my GD and my life stealing spells) some worked not (my curses/def stances/iws didn`t worked well).

  2. Jelan's Blog


    another post here after some changes were made this week.

    First, got an good job offer, not limited to a one year contract, more money to earn and so forth and wrote an job application that day. Now, if you think you would wish me luck, please do so.

    Second, after Lothiron wrote a pm and invited me in his guild and after I `ve spoken with my friend and told him that I leave [BoD] with one of my accounts, I changed to [Odin]. And never regretted ...
  3. Jelan's Blog

    first I made it back safe and sound two weeks ago.
    And I have to say that I can use some more days off, vacation was to short.

    And for Guildwars, finished Pre-Searing Ascalon yesterday with my ranger, got her some nice armor and hope that she will get the first survivor title. So I decieded to "hench her (or go with guildies)" through Tyria because I don`t want others to blame me for quitting/staying behind.

    But, what I have seen ...
  4. Jelan's Blog

    I`am in vacation - mode (mood) right now.
    Only 5 hours to go here at work, 6 hours driving and then two and a half week lazyness. I hope for much sunshine and less rain in the coming weeks.

    What I don`t know is how often I can/will access the internet. My brother has a dial up connection, which he also uses for his work. So, while not having my computer with me, I am reliant on him, how often he uses his pc. But I got some good books, my PS2 and some games.
  5. Jelan's Blog


    yesterday I was a bit (ok, a bit more) frustrated about running with an PuG (after having a hard day at work, which was frustrating too).

    Isabell helped Lady Danea with a mission to retrieve the Urn from those monsters in the ruins. And we did it with a group human players, I think a few of them did the mission the first time (and had the feeling that some of them didn`t know what a Minion Master does and why to skip cinematics).

    The first monsters, ...
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