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  1. snowkissed's Blog

    Well, after seeing what all of the Factions people got with the CE (the back-up dancers) I must admit that I was a little jealous.

    So when I went into EB games today to pre-order Nightfall and the guy asked me whether or not I wanted the CE. I cracked and got it. While Nightfall will essentially decide whether or not I like how Guild Wars is developing, I might as well get some extra goodies with it
  2. snowkissed's Blog

    Me many months ago: "Oh, I'll never need more extra slots"
    Me now: "Uhhh...I need another slot...I want to play a ___"

    So, I bought another slot and Eliska Snow is born

    It was either going to be an elementalist or a warrior. I asked Aretelio what he thought I should do and he said Elementalist. I'm not completely sure I'm happy with the hair/color combination, ...
  3. snowkissed's Blog

    So the last time I played in a group to go to Hall of Heroes was back when it used to be through Tombs. And even then, it's been at least 10 months. It's been quite a while, but last night someone from sP was asking in Alliance chat for a ritualist and a blood spiker. I've done blood spike before, but ritualists... I'm piss-poor at them because I haven't played one beyond level 6 and I just don't like the style

    Anyway, it was a lot of fun. We didn't win Halls, but we got ...
  4. snowkissed's Blog

    zomg! I'm so tired and yet so pumped, talk about conflicting feelings.

    I worked on my monk some more tonight and got her a little further in her quest for the first level of survivor. That's been going fairly well, especially considering the companions she has are very competent. I'll probably do my best and just avoid henchies except for filler spots.

    And then a certain group of ...
  5. snowkissed's Blog

    Well, these titles... I didn't think much of them at first, but I find myself striving for Protector of Tyria with my Amethyst (4 missions to go!) and now I'm planning on trying to go for Survivor with Domitia Snow. I don't care if I even just get the first level of Survivor - that'd be an achievement for me

    As much as I'd like to do with a more difficult class, I figured I'd go for Mo/Me and see how that goes. There's tons of advice to find here on the forums and the folks ...
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