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  1. The Mookle Crew

    Hey everyone, Mookle here. I was walking through the ruins of Ascalon earlier today, when I happened upon a great tresure. You see, back about a year or so before the searing, I arrived in Ascalon for the first time, as I had been raised by an Ascalonian Guild in the Wilds of Maguuma. When I first arrived in Ascalon City, I began to keep a journal of my events. Yesterday I found this journal, though I thought it destroyed by the searing. Just reading it brings me back, and i would like to share ...
  2. The Mookle Crew

    Mookle here. A lot has been happening in the past week. Kassandra and I joined up after the Festival of Lyss, then promptly split up again. Varesh tried to kill the Princes, so two of them went off to this hidden city while Mehtu decided to fight off the deamons. I went with Mehtu to help him while Kassandra went off to find the other princes. WE both succeeded only to find that Nightfall has begun in Elona, and that Varesh had attacked Sebelka Basilika.

    We fought off the Blasphemy ...
  3. The Mookle Crew

    Hey everyone, Kassandra here. My group finally made to Gandara to rescue Kormir. We disguised ourselves as guards and went in, and somehow we did the impossible and got her out of there. Poor Kormir though, I feel so bad about what happened to her. What the guards did to her have only strengthened my resolve though.

    The passage to Vabbi is finally open, and I can finally catch up with Mookle. I got a little time to rest myself. My caster armor has been a problem for me lately, ...
  4. The Mookle Crew

    Hey all, Mookle X here again. I got tired of waiting for Kassandra and Spearmarshal here in the Chantry of Secrets, so I got transported to the guild hall to take a break. Beaorn got a chance to stretch his legs and play with some of the other bears at the hall, and I got a chance to rest and have some eggnog from Wintersday. I'm up to 60 minutes of being drunk, not close but not bad for me.

    The other day I made a large decision that is going to affect my Xunlai account for quite ...
  5. The Mookle Crew

    Hey everyone, Mookle X here. Just taking a moment to finally get to this blog and see whats up with everyone. I've been in Elona for several weeks now, exploring here and there, fighting a war, battling demons, all in good fun. I'm currently holed up here in the Chantry of Secrets, after a tough fight through the tunnels to get to Vabbi. Dunkoro here is grumbling here about running away, but I figure all will be forgiven if we arrive back in Kourna with a Vabbian army at our backs.
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