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The World of Tyria according to Fae

  1. Social aspects of GW2 and how WoW is doing it right (-ish)

    by , 26-10-2011 at 14:13 (The World of Tyria according to Fae)
    I'm back in Guild Wars after a 9-or-so month hiatus. Back in January I'd recently achieved my second GWAMM and was looking for my next project. But the number of people slipping into the "Last Online: 1 month+" was getting bigger and bigger. A large chunk of my friends were busy over in That Other Game, WoW. The game recently got a re-haul in the form of Cataclysm, and a friend who avoided WoW for similar reasons I did was extremely happy with a lot of the changes, so I thought hey, why ...
    Tags: gw2, wow