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  1. Ju Smurph's Blog

    I turn 21 today...

    And today i say good bye to my oldest friend, Max (my dog).

    My birthday does not mean much to me, but the lose of my mate that i have had since i was 4 years old certainly does
  2. Ju Smurph's Blog


    There is a new one!!!
  3. Ju Smurph's Blog


    The one and only classic

    You will probably remember it
  4. Ju Smurph's Blog

    Well i have made my own little Guild for me, i got a cape where i went for the worst pink design possible and I went Luxon (I'm a Kurzick since way back though).

    I went Luxon because i love to take my mesmer on Bonder Bashing Runs in Fort Aspenwood.

    I really wish i could get some more halls time.

    Also i have seen the latest Gear Trick Comic Is out, very funny again!
  5. Ju Smurph's Blog

    Well my girlfriend has calmed down. Gotta love the arguements that have no beginning and are completely and utterly comphrehendable.

    As for Guild Wars, i haven't played much more than Random Arena's though there were some terribly funny nooby things:
    * An assassin in frenzy getting 'owned' in about 1 & 1/2 seconds
    * All the warriors that don't know it's bad to engage near shadowsong spirit.


    Art of the week:

    If you ...
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