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  1. snowkissed's Avatar
    Awww Smurphy

    *huggles* That really sucks.
  2. Tom Nook's Avatar
    That's really rough mate, when you've had a pet for that long they become part of the family.
    I feel your pain.
  3. 's Avatar
    Whoa, I've been gone here a looong time. Don't worry Ju, Saturday you can come back to us!
  4. 's Avatar
    smurph - what is this....
  5. Garreth MacLeod's Avatar
    Grats dude. Nieces/nephews are always fun. Wait till you have your own and then the fun really starts. That's a whole different level of fun. lol.
  6. Ju Smurph's Avatar
  7. Cerulean Niteshadow's Avatar
    Congrat's Ju.... I know whats it like to have nephews! :-)
  8. 's Avatar
    Grats. :3
  9. Jelan's Avatar
    Congrat`s. :)