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It's just my boring GW notes.
Guides to mesmer & H+H HM, and occasional ranting included.

  1. Hm... let's get some order into the hospital induced GWAMM progress chaos

    Vanquishes missing:
    - Lornar's Pass (party size = 6)
    - Kessex Peak (ps = 8)
    - Talmark Wilderness (ps = 8)
    - Majesty Rest (ps = 8. req. change in team)
    - The Falls (ps = 6)

    - Pongmei Valley (ps = 8)
    - Rhea's Crater (ps = 8)
    - Raisu Palace (ps = 8)

    - Sunward Reaches (got a bounty?) (ps = 8)
    - Floodplain of Mahnkelon (ps = 8)
    - Yatendi Valley (ps = 8)
    - Resplendent ...

    Updated 10-03-2012 at 10:37 by Lytha

  2. Back to the important things. ;)

    Alright. It looks like I missed out a lot of zsquish quests in the last 18 days. Even though I had a laptop with me, including a mouse, there just wasn't room or time to sit down and vanquish a bit.

    What am I going to do about these and Nefertari?

    Anything that doesn't give reputation points that I still need, I can probably just do anyway. However, things like Varajar Fells and suchlike are a pity that I missed out on them. So... vanquish some easy areas a few more ...

    Updated 01-09-2011 at 17:14 by Lytha

  3. Sooo...

    Well, since last Friday, I know officially that I've cancer on the side of my tongue. Next week, there will be some intense extra diagnosis fun in the hospital; and according to the results of these, then there will be therapy. This will inevitably involve a surgery at the tongue, which, according to my sources, can last 10-20 hours (it's not really something you'd want to do.)

    There are several things that annoy me about all of this: from fear of loss of my ability to speak, over ...
  4. Gogogo Reputation Points

    Sweet. Nefertari's Sunspear points are maximized now.

    Next could be Vanguard, then Norn, then Asura, then Lightbringer, and finally Deldrimor... but the Zaishen have a weird order for the things to do.

    It helps to try and not be in any hurry or anal-retentive mode there - the latter meant that my other vanquishers did Tyria and Cantha before Elona, so their Cry of Pain (the only PvE skill that I really like to use) was sub par.

    Nefertari can now do ...

    Updated 30-07-2011 at 21:39 by Lytha

  5. Well... that was fun.

    I had done almost all of the Slavers' semibosses before, while I was juggling my dungeon master books and my EotN NM points. Forgewright I had done after the accident in the Snowmen dungeon - so there was only Duncan left.

    I had accepted the Zaishen bounty for him, thinking that it might be manageable.



    Updated 12-07-2011 at 13:39 by Lytha

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