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Lytha's Blog

It's just my boring GW notes.
Guides to mesmer & H+H HM, and occasional ranting included.

  1. Good old games


    If you manage to set up an emulator for this so that the graphics in the dungeons are actually rendered (so that dungeon runs looks bearable), then this is an amazing RPG.

    A whole world plus 2 moons to explore. It starts with trivial stuff (recover something from grandpa's basement and fight basement spiders) to saving the world. Woot!

    Lots of puzzles (some incredibly hard ones, too), lots of different monster types, lots of dialogues - especially ...

    Updated 24-11-2009 at 09:51 by Lytha

  2. the new UW...

    ... isn't fun.

    We went with 8 mesmers into it. Bio had spent some hours today already trying to do this; and the issue is apparently the reaper's quest in the ice wastes.

    I'm not too sure how this quest is normally done, and in which ways it was changed. All I could see this time was that it is crazy indeed.

    We had 2 healprotters, 1 spirit spammer, 2 domination hexers, 1 summoner (EVAS, imp), 1 water caster, 1 obsidian flesh tank.

    Everything ...

    Updated 21-11-2009 at 23:42 by Lytha

  3. "boss" monsters

    So. GW's fancy new boss creatures are more and more along the lines of Glint (oversized, monster-only skills) instead of being normal.

    I haven't been in the UW and haven't had a look at the new Dhuum boss (as for now, that is - I suspect that the mesmers will go for UW tonight), but everything looks like he's just as retardedly designed as the other bosses of his kind: Oversized, uses his own personal stash of skills, wipes teams in case that they make some mistakes.

    Updated 21-11-2009 at 20:38 by Lytha

  4. Nefertari III

    First a quick reminder of where certain people are right now.

    Dunkoro - farms in Bergen Bot Springs
    Tahlkora, Claude, Lina, Thom, Reyna, Salma, Arad - with me
    Olias - with me, and I don't trust him
    Koss - as a white mantle in Riverside
    Jin - Seitung
    Melonni - stole the ancient weapon from Arid Sea and headed back to Elona
    Hablion - prisoner of the Shining Blade
    Evennia & Co. - contacting the longeared bunnies ( :P ) in the cave

    Updated 26-11-2009 at 20:00 by Lytha

  5. Argh! I need advice, and most urgently, too.

    Which one of these dresses should I get? She'll wear this all the way through the rest of Tyria and perhaps even further!