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Lytha's Blog

It's just my boring GW notes.
Guides to mesmer & H+H HM, and occasional ranting included.

  1. How I got my black widow spider

    I've a thing for completing collections, apparently, so the zaishen menagerie's lack of a black widow spider was a thorn in my side for a while now. Yeah, it's also still missing the moss spider, but I or guildie will get a moss spider egg in a while and then I'll have the last missing pet, too.

    Anyway, I decided yesterday that it was time to go and capture a black widow spider from the UW.

    This was worse than expected.

    Mesmer, protting Tahlkora, a ...

    Updated 19-06-2009 at 17:53 by Lytha

  2. another s:3

    I'm superstitious, that's why I didn't talk about Lytha Mendoza yet (much). But as of today, I have another legendary survivor, and this time, it's a warrior. That's, if you happen to recall, the profession I considered to be my final frontier in regards of survival.

    That's the moment that the message popped up. Note the full XP bar - the bar only moved back to 0 when the entire mob was dead.

    Updated 21-12-2009 at 17:41 by Lytha

  3. Note about HM wardens

    The answer to wardens is (echoed) [[Pain Inverter]. Just tab through the mob and find the ones with Splinter Weapon, give them a PI and watch them explode. (SW's damage counts as damage dealt by the weapon-enchanted one, not by the rit.)

    PI kills their mesmers and their eles even without the splinter weapon improvement. Just don't let Gwen interrupt the pain inverted eles when they roll their churning earth over the minions.

    Looks like I made my vanquishing ...

    Updated 24-05-2009 at 10:12 by Lytha

  4. Caravan Vanquishing works both ways around.

    So, now that the "why are the rewards for those annoying zmissions so low?" has settled in, guildie and my monk went back to vanquishing.

    Because of Family Soul's questmarker, guildie had been very eager to enter Arid Sea for quite some time by now, so we went in there today. From Augury Rock: Guildie, my monk, my Livia, guildie's Gwen, guildie's MoW, guildie's Olias. Because of some zquest (which particular one, I don't recall), guildie had Wastrel's Worry on his skillbar ...

    Updated 12-05-2009 at 13:33 by Lytha

  5. Nicholas the Traveler

    I'm splitting off the Nicholas results from my zquest whining entry.

    Nicholas the Traveler
    Regent Valley, Red Iris Flowers:
    . 2x5 Mysterious Summoning Stones
    . 10 Champagne Poppers
    . 10 Sparklers
    . 1 Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale

    Traveler's Vale, Bolts of Linen:
    . 1x5 Mysterious Summoning Stones
    . 1x5 Merchant Summoning Stones
    . 1 Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale
    . 10 Hunter's Ale
    . 10 Aged Hunter's Ale

    Updated 21-07-2009 at 21:27 by Lytha