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Lytha's Blog

It's just my boring GW notes.
Guides to mesmer & H+H HM, and occasional ranting included.

  1. Rragar's Menagerie (HM)

    2 more to go! Whee!

    Rragar's Menagerie

    Oh yes, he's going down:

    You know EotN Charr in HM? You've witnessed how they can pwn basically everything, including nasty destroyer mobs? Right. Rragar's Menagerie is full of them. They usually come in groups of up to 8-10 each, they're level 26. None of the groups that I encountered had more than 1 monk, which is a blessing.


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  2. Vloxen Excavation (HM)

    I've done it, done it, done it! Whee!

    Vloxen Excavation HM
    Vloxen Excavation is different than the dungeons I've done before. For one, I'm pretty much sure that it can't be done with a balanced team. Not when 7 of 8 are heroes and henchmen.

    Vloxen has the Slavers' Summit Surprise (mobs as you'd find them inside of Slavers' Exile, not in Vloxen NM), but they're not all over ...

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  3. Okay... some HM dungeons.

    I really hate the dungeons of EotN, plus, I've never set a foot into the following ones in HM before, and mostly done them only once in NM. So, this is going to be fun. Like doing HM on Ms. Velour 2 years ago, only that she already knew the maps.

    Oola's Lab
    Me: [build prof=me fast=10+1 domi=12+1+2 inspi=8+1][cry of pain][pain inverter][empathy][echo][energy tap][drain enchantment][guilt][light of deldrimor][/build]

    MoW: [build prof=n/mo blood=5 soul=9+1 ...

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  4. Wandering aimlessly around...

    I've played my ritualist a bit further. While the yellow numbers were very pwetty on Istan, they suddenly looked quite depressing in Kourna. Cut in half against some enemies.

    That frustrated me quite a bit, so I turned to minions.

    I really suck at targetting the little critters properly for Death Novas (and I don't know Jagged Bones yet), so I got an Olias backing me up with his 16 Death Magic Death Novas, some Shambling Horrors and some more Death magic fun. ...

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  5. oh dear...

    ... that's what you get when you read the webcomic of a guy who's a merge between a B5-fan and an AD&D dungeon master.

    V. is now just like a Lyta Alexander upgraded by the Shadows instead of the Vorlons. Watch hir go and pull a Michael Garibaldi/Londo-esque disaster next time...

    (unless the author cuts away from that plotline now.)

    (that would suck.)


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