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It's just my boring GW notes.
Guides to mesmer & H+H HM, and occasional ranting included.

  1. A game to look forward to will be released next year...

    ... but it isn't GW2. ;)

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!

    Omg omg.

    Well, to be honest, I am not too fond of the idea of it taking place in Skyrim, but it's an TES game. So, there will be snow. And snow. And mountains with snow. And hundreds and hundreds of Nords. Probably mostly with the usual voice actor. Uhm.

    However, the trailer indicated that the Akaviri might be involved into the plot, and how awesome ...
  2. And as for hero armors...

    Sunspear Armor pieces

    Hayda (Incoming/Fallback/spear attack skills)
    Xandra (spirits)
    Olias (AotL + prot)
    Mhenlo, Lina, Eve, Herta

    Just rush around and try to nail the Guild Lords with Empathy etc.

    This quest is moderately easy, more difficult to get the armor drops at random though.

    I think it helps to start with a totally crappy score and then to improve a little bit with each further attempt. Same goes for the other ...

    Updated 28-11-2010 at 13:41 by Lytha

  3. Since I may suffer through WiK again at some point...

    Being the messenger girl

    A Hayda with Incoming and Fall Back for the second part of it. Apparently, this would also work for the first half, but running ahead and killing everything before Livia and the moronic bunnies start walking does the trick as well.

    Battle of LA

    I don't think that I will suffer through this particular bull**** quest again before the hero limit is finally removed, but anyway:

    Panic & other domination ...

    Updated 28-11-2010 at 13:42 by Lytha

  4. Nameless Lich = Livia?

    Dialogue Lich: "Be careful who you trust, mortal. Everything here is not what it appears to be."

    Usual voice response Livia: "Be careful."

    Livia picks up the scepter of Orr at the end of EotN. This scepter ...
  5. War in Kryta = the stupidest game design decision ever

    Alright. Juliania is now at the last-to-one quest of this "War in Kryta" crap. She is supposed to escort a bunch of level 10s from Ascalon Settlement to LA. While hordes of lvl 20-24s rush and attack. Contrary to the first part of this escort bull**** (NPCs apparently have forgotten how to maptravel. Excellent and oh so coherent with anything we know about GW so far), I have no clue as of how to handle this.

    Right. Lets start at the beginning of this War in Kryta ...

    Updated 19-10-2010 at 11:51 by Lytha

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