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  1. Obsidian Demon's Dominance of the Dense

    Yeah you heard me! Math is for losers, noobs and people who have nothing better to do. The only good thing math does in Tyria is allow you to count just high enough to charge far more than an item is worth.

    My personal favourite is how 5 in 10 people don't understand how to use a decimal. Yeah that funny dot which sections up prices. I run the whole desert for 2.1k and people love to get it wrong. 2.1k is 2100g and not 2001. The "k" means 1000. Multiply 2.1 by 1000. Guess ...
  2. Obsidian Demon's Dominance of the Dense

    First off the goal of this blog is about educating everyone on the extraordinary people in Guild Wars. They can be some of the best sources of comedy or beacon's of ignorance of which no one has ever thought possible.

    "Brave soul tread lightly for now we march to hell and there is no turning back." - Obsidian Demon