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  1. Toothless Tiger, Hidden Game ? - Part 1

    by , 15-02-2010 at 09:51 (Gorani's Blog)
    Hello GWO community members, just players of GuildWars or newcomers to either this site or the game.
    This post marks my first blog entry in the upcoming series of GWO Bloggers, here on the new/revamped site. All bloggers will try to focus on certain aspects of the game as far as we can plan ahead now, so read all of them to get the full picture or chose your favorite.

    Canthan new year has passed

    Last week marked the appearance of the Celestial Animal at the Canthan ...

    Updated 22-02-2010 at 20:13 by Gorani (original post reworked a bit)

    Other things
  2. Gorani's Chest research

    by , 01-01-2010 at 13:33 (Gorani's Blog)
    These are my numbers from opening chests (since I started recording, not total chests opened):

    Normal mode, 600gp chest:
    369 Gold & 762 purple ==> Ratio 33% to 66%

    Lock picks ratio:
    When I should experience a 58% retain rate, I had 63%
    When I should experience a 60% retain rate, I had 58%

    I did all farming with lock picks in Fronis' Lair.

    Updated 14-02-2010 at 20:11 by Gorani

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  3. For the Zaishen & the Traveler - 25.April.2009

    by , 25-04-2009 at 20:28 (Gorani's Blog)
    This will be my "what I did for Zaishen & their coins" thread as well as looking for The Traveller's things:

    First impression: ZQuest for PvP areas are like "everyday" weekend events. You get a little extra reward, but they are full of morons too. Moron part outweights the reward right now, but perhaps it will help the PvP oriented side of GW in the long term. I wish they made this a little earlier.I just hope we get a boss like "Ritualist Construct" ...

    Updated 21-04-2010 at 17:27 by Gorani

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  4. Various TV/movie opinions - 22.March2009

    by , 22-03-2009 at 11:22 (Gorani's Blog)
    I already have a reccomendation list for fantasy movies, but this about stuff I see in the theatre or on TV adn I can't resist writing a few lines about it:

    The Cave

    I recorded it yesterday and thought it might be an OK "breakfast movie" this morning. It's about a bunch of people that explore a cave, get trapped and attacked by "something hungry". Sounds familiar? About the same time this movie was released there was "The Descent" with a similiar ...

    Updated 22-03-2009 at 20:40 by Gorani

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  5. I'm Watching the Watchmen - 07.March2009

    by , 07-03-2009 at 09:18 (Gorani's Blog)
    Watching the Watchmen

    I saw the Watchmen last night and I wanted to give you a little review. It will contain some heavy spoilers, so be aware of that when you continue reading.


    Updated 07-03-2009 at 16:18 by Gorani

    Other things , Daily writings
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