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  1. Gorani's Avatar
    52nd week

    16.April - 4 silver 5 copper

    17.April - no zquest

    18.April - no zquest

    19.April - 2 silver 5 copper

    20.April - 5 silver 5 copper

    21.April - no zquest

    22.April - no zquest

    Week's total: 11 silver 15 copper
    Updated 21-04-2010 at 17:15 by Gorani
  2. Gorani's Avatar
    51st week

    09.April - 15 copper from a quick JQ turn in

    10.April - no zquest; don't have much time right now

    11.April - 5 silver 5 copper and got 6 glad point thx to the double weekend

    12.April - 10 silver from beating doppels

    13.April - no zquest

    14.April - 1 silver 25 copper

    15.April - no zquest

    Week's total: 17 silver
    Updated 17-04-2010 at 09:11 by Gorani
  3. Gorani's Avatar
    50th week

    02.April - turned in a YH book and reached r9 Luxon; no zquest, but visiting the Shining Blades in Talmark and getting some picnic items for Thackeray (can't complete though, as I don't have Cider)

    03.April - Thanks to Kalhan, got some cider and could give Thackeray the complete set; Nothing really exciting from the bags; no zquest

    04.April - away, so no zquests

    05.April - away, so no zquests

    06.April - away, so no zquests

    07.April - away, so no zquests

    08.April - returned, no zquests that interest me

    Week's total: Week was dominated by Thackeray stuff and me being away...so no zcoins earned this week
    Updated 08-04-2010 at 09:47 by Gorani
  4. Gorani's Avatar
    49th week

    26.March - 1 silver 25 copper; Hyla killed Abaddon

    27.March - Used the double SS points weekend to advance Mira from Kourna to Kodash and did Orchard for 2 silver

    28.March - no zquest, but did a VQ and three YH missions with Lady Rhonwyn

    29.March - Finished a NM Nightfall book and got 4 silver 20 copper

    30.March - did some Chungs & Boreas for 13 silver and 10 copper

    31.March - seven Morah's for 21 silver

    01.April - filled up Jara's NM Nightfall book and turned it in

    Week's total: 42 silver 5 copper.... wow !
    Updated 01-04-2010 at 10:55 by Gorani
  5. Gorani's Avatar
    48th week

    19.March - 15 copper

    20.March - 1 silver 24 copper; completed a YHoT Book in about 4 days... not too shabby.

    21.March - 4 silver 22 copper

    22.March - no zquest

    23.March - 15 copper

    24.March - no zquest

    25.March - 1 silver 25 copper; Turned in another full YHoT book

    Week's total: 8 silver 1 copper
    Updated 25-03-2010 at 17:06 by Gorani
  6. Gorani's Avatar
    47th week

    12.March - 1 silver 20 copper

    13.March - 1 silver 20 copper

    14.March - 2 silver 40 copper

    15.March - 1 silver 24 copper

    16.March - 16 silver thx to Orchard

    17.March - 1 silver 24 copper

    18.March - 2 silver 40 copper

    Week's total: 27 silver 24 copper
    Updated 18-03-2010 at 17:24 by Gorani
  7. Gorani's Avatar
    46th week

    05.March - 1 silver 25 copper

    06.March - no zquest

    07.March - 1 silver 20 copper

    08.March - 12 silver ... woo!

    09.March - 4 silver 45 copper

    10.March - 5 silver 35 copper

    11.March - 1 silver 20 copper

    Week's total: 26 silver 25 copper
    Updated 12-03-2010 at 14:11 by Gorani
  8. Gorani's Avatar
    45th week

    26.February - no zquest

    27.February - 1 silver 20 copper; turned in my VQ Luxon points from the week and reached r7

    28.February - 1 silver 20 copper

    01.March - 5 silver 34 copper

    02.March - no idea...

    03.March - no idea...

    04.March - no idea .... That's what happens if you don't write it down right away

    Week's total: 8-10 silver total I guess
    Updated 05-03-2010 at 14:44 by Gorani
  9. Gorani's Avatar
    I have updated the initial post again after the feedback I got from you and a few more days of thinking about the text.
    I also added some links to the official wiki for newbies and I think one or two pictures would help to make it more easy on the eye (but that is up to Rush if we will be able to incorporate pictures in the blog).

    PS: The "draft blog" is up on the new guildwars.incgamers.com front end. Thanks to all adding to its creation here & in-game.
    Updated 22-02-2010 at 20:14 by Gorani
  10. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I haven't gotten any pages on that, so It looks like I'm not going. oh well. Guess my style is to offball and negative at times to be useful. I deal. I'll just keep posting stuff here and not care who reads.
  11. Gorani's Avatar
    Noa, perhaps things I'll describe in my "waiting game blog" will provide some advice for you and those who have done "everything there is" in GW.
    Perhaps I succeed in keeping my spirit alive until GW2, perhaps not. This is something I want to write on my blog as a GW-Blogger, once Rush has the new site up (and like Akirai most likely will focus on PvP and Alaris on current events and perhaps builds)

    PS: The OP is a "draft" version of the initial Blog opener for the new site, so we can find our own niche to write about and get some feedback. Any comments are still welcome and will help me modify the stuff I write about.
  12. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Okay. sorry for the rant, but seriously, how many times can we keep replaying the same game over and over again?
    I will admit I like going through NF again with charas that are well established, but that I just bought NF for the account.
    The thing is, it seems all we have to shoot for are titles and the upper end stuff that seems out of the reach of at least 2/3rds of the players.
    I can solo FoW, though it takes hours,
    I can go with a group and get most if not almost all of UW done, (but dhumm still kicks our butts),
    urgoz is very doable with the right group, never done deep,
    and tried a couple times to do DoA, fail each and every time.
    Slavers exile is gimmick city at best.

    So our other options are to wait for special events,
    farm for nick stuff, maybe bother to run mules through stuff so they're not stuck in just the main trading citys.
    The only other thing is, the game has essentially turned into a graphic chat room with stuff to do here and there.
    Updated 19-02-2010 at 09:19 by Noa Brightington
  13. Gorani's Avatar
    44th week

    19.February - no zquest

    20.February - 5 silver 40 copper

    21.February - 2 silver 20 copper

    22.February - 9 silver 19 copper

    23.February - 1 silver 20 copper

    24.February - 4 silver 2 copper

    25.February - 7 silver 20 copper (Unwaking Water gives a lot of coins. A good thing I stored a few on some girls. Now I'm prepared for double weekend)

    Week's total: 30 silver 21 copper
    Updated 27-02-2010 at 15:42 by Gorani
  14. Alaris's Avatar
    I'm definitely moving on to GW2, I'm not leaving my social circle behind =D

    I think ANet realized that by implementing the game in certain ways, they had pros and cons. Instances are great, but some persistent areas are required. And so on...

    I do see GW2 as GW1 plus all the stuff that is missing.
  15. upier's Avatar

    AaggaGGhGhghGhGhghhhh, Diablo 3.

    Wait what ...

    (I do LOVE the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon reference since the film rates very highly on my list of all time favourite ones.)
  16. Gorani's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Noa Brightington
    The only reason >I< used the term 'vaporware', is to get a rise out of people.

    What bugs the SH** outta me about this whole GW2 things is two issues...
    I think Rhonwyn wasn't completely serious about the "vapoware" implications and I wasn't too.
    I appriciate your comment, but I don't think that ranting about the issues again and again will help you or the community stuck in the waiting game for GW2.
    This blog should portrait how I will try to close the gap betweeen GW and GW2 (successful or not)

    I hope you will like what I have to say (or not, it's up to you all)
  17. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    The only reason >I< used the term 'vaporware', is to get a rise out of people. Everything I've seen on GW2, shows they are working on it, and working diligently. I don't know how far along the duke nukem guys were on stuff before they decided to throw the couch out the window.

    What bugs the SH** outta me about this whole GW2 things is two issues.
    One, they obviously thought they could crank GW2 out in a year or so at the start, so they made NO plans to continue support for GW1. This is evidenced by dumping one person on it to do pretty much everything.
    Also by the fact that they cut short the actual expansion they were working on TO work on GW2. (see Utopia for what eye of the north expansion COULD have been)

    The second thing that bugs me, when GW2 starts taking longer then they thought to make, they don't really ramp up much support for GW1. They add a few people to it, and attempts to put out new content are sporadic at best. Even this skill update they tried to do has taken literally months.
    And during this time, many of us were expecting at least a beta testing for GW2 to occur in 09. Now we're HOPING to see open beta testing in 10. It's looking like we'll be lucky to get that. But I've talked to some people, and they say, yes, the game is well on it's way, it IS playable. Beyond that, they can say nothing else. They can't even give estimates on how far the world is built, how far quests are done, storyline, or chara and skill development.

    What bugs me about THAT is, they don't want ANYONE outside the company to see all these nifty new things they're supposedly working on. So they're keeping any and all info and stuff CLOSED. I mean, they barely were able to say we could have SWIMMING! And they can't tell us what HoM achivements will bring us in the game. I will give the cavat on that one that they're probably still working out details on that issue.

    That they opened the door early on, but then shut the door once work got into it, is upsetting to most players.
    BUT... the other thing is, even with the crap amount of content we're getting for GW1, even for the little scraps we're getting for GW2 now and then, we're STILL flocking to this game like there's no tomorow, which shows me just how bad off the gaming industry really is.
    For many of us, the alternatives are Aion and WoW, which... quite frankly, aren't very good alternatives at all.

    Anyone know a good free Tabula Rasa server out there? :/

    edit:god... that friggin pink...
    Updated 16-02-2010 at 01:51 by Noa Brightington
  18. Gorani's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Rhonwyn
    How does showing a trailer remove the vaporware from a product? Have you never seen the trailers for THE vaporware of vaporwares: Duke Nukem Forever?

    That doesn't mean I'm looking forward to more information about game play, so I can make my decision if I'll move on or not.
    Because not every game is Duke Nukem Forever. Usually a game trailer shows some development of the game. I was excited about the trailer and I guess 95% of the GW population was, too.

    Uhhh.... sure you did not mean ".... I'm not looking forward to...."

    Keep comments comming on this sample blog for the GWO "blogossphere".
  19. Lady Rhonwyn's Avatar
    How does showing a trailer remove the vaporware from a product? Have you never seen the trailers for THE vaporware of vaporwares: Duke Nukem Forever?

    That doesn't mean I'm looking forward to more information about game play, so I can make my decision if I'll move on or not.
  20. Gorani's Avatar
    43rd week

    12.February - 2 silver 40 copper, preparing to AFK...

    13.February - no zquests, just mind numbing farming of festival quests without a mini yet

    14.February - no zquest, standing in 9 rings while gaining XP in RL :)

    15.February - no zquest

    16.February - no zquest

    17.February - no zquest

    18.February - 1 silver 20 copper

    Week's total: 4 silver 10 copper; don't mind, being away most of the week because of holidays
    Updated 19-02-2010 at 07:50 by Gorani
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