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This is Gorani's GWO blog with lots of stuff around GWO and me playing GuildWars.
I try to post things in different categories, so check out those or use the search window to find older, but still interesting posts.

  1. Hanging on... - 25.Jan.2009

    by , 25-01-2009 at 11:34 (Gorani's Blog)
    I haven't really done a lot GW stuff in the last month. RL work kept me pretty much occupied.
    My Ritualist finished Nightfall and got some gametime with the ZooCrew. I also capped all Elite Rit skills with her. My main character spent a lot of time idle in GH, drinking booze from time to time and wondering where so many of my buddies have gone.
    Yeah, the last 4 weeks made it pretty obvious, that a lot of people just stopped playing or are taking a long hiatus from GW.
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  2. Other Zoo builds

    by , 20-12-2008 at 21:31 (Gorani's Blog)
    OK, the BBCode is up again, so I can start collecting some Zoo builds:

    I ran a smite build with Tara on teo occasions:
    [build prof=Mo/R name="Zoo Smiter" Smiting=12+3+1 Energy=11+1 Beastmastery=3][Ray Of Judgment] - [Castigation Signet] - [Reversal Of Damage] - [Smite Condition] - [Smite Hex] - [Call of Protection] - [Charm Animal] - [Rebirth][/build]

    With Call of Protection, Aruru can be in th emiddle of the battle and deal damage with the conditions ...

    Updated 13-03-2009 at 21:28 by Gorani

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  3. Wintersday experiences - 20.Dec.2008

    by , 20-12-2008 at 16:56 (Gorani's Blog)
    I re-played some the Prophecies & NF and was quickly reminded how boring (FedEx & less rewarding) they are.
    The EotN ones are fun. The Charr battle is a fine "assault type" quest (which is pretty easy with a MM and a AoE Rit Healer) and the "cheer" quest is very heart warming.

    The outlook for a possible "future romance" between Thackeray & Gwen is a nice idea, although the dialogue doesn't hint that in a obvious manner.

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  4. Comments "On" & Uwe Boll - 15.Dec.2008

    by , 15-12-2008 at 17:52 (Gorani's Blog)
    Noa sent me a PM to tell me that I had the "comments for viewers" option turned off. I enabled that now and you can post your comments to my blog now.

    I am not sure if the option was wiped with the last update to the site or if I simply had not turned it on. Perhaps all of you who want, value, or simply like to get comments should check their control panel too.

    PS: I was so tempted to put my review of "DungeonSiege" to my fantasy movie recommendations, ...

    Updated 15-12-2008 at 18:08 by Gorani

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  5. Update...yeah...kind of - 14.Dec.2008

    by , 14-12-2008 at 17:25 (Gorani's Blog)
    Like last week, I didn't have much gametime. Actually I think I have done nothing until the update went live last Thursday.

    I knew, that Amatz would get hit, but I expected a blow to perma Sins and perhaps a slightly differend spawn behavior. But with the reduction to ONE point for each saved refugee, killed my casual, sometimes semi-AFK playingstyle in Amatz. My hopes of reaching max Kurzicks in 2009 faded like mist in the sun.
    The next day, it was raised to 5 points, but ...

    Updated 15-12-2008 at 17:53 by Gorani

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