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This is Gorani's GWO blog with lots of stuff around GWO and me playing GuildWars.
I try to post things in different categories, so check out those or use the search window to find older, but still interesting posts.

  1. Xula goes to Vaabi - 07.Dec.2008

    by , 07-12-2008 at 17:30 (Gorani's Blog)
    It has not been an active GW week for me. I dropped Zera at Amatz from time to time, but nothing really noteworthy. But this afternoon, I decided I could get Xula a little further north, so I chose Margrid as my companion, swept through Gandara, progressed to Moddok Crevice and finally went to the Orchard party.

    PS: To prepare for New Year's Eve, I bought SupermarioParty8 for my Wii and played a little. I wish there was a way to turn off all those useless dialogue boxes & mini ...

    Updated 15-12-2008 at 13:00 by Gorani

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  2. Less playing, not missing? - 01.Dez.2008

    by , 01-12-2008 at 20:38 (Gorani's Blog)
    I have little time right now to play GW, but I am not missing it too much. Repetitive stuff like Raptor farming the past weekend was so boring I only got a total of 24 ciders, for the 4 days of the event.
    I guess its time to use a less loved charcater from the familiy or start one of the mules as a regular.
    But perhaps the time has come, when GW really gets kind of boring?
    I had the same feeling in the past, so lets see how it turns out.
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  3. Talking to yourself? - 21.Nov.2008

    by , 21-11-2008 at 19:52 (Gorani's Blog)
    I don't had much time to play GW this week (a few semi-AFK activities & chatting doesn't really count) and might not have a lot on the weekend too.
    But I decided to try new, more Channeling oriented Rit builds and so I started talking to myself in KC and got Xula a NM Shiro's Story book. I filled three pages so far and teaming up with lvl 12 sac skill heavy necros in Vizunah isn't fun...but he died only twice, when he decided to run away from me.

    I added the new Dev update ...

    Updated 22-11-2008 at 21:08 by Gorani

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  4. Character names

    by , 19-11-2008 at 19:36 (Gorani's Blog)
    Moving this one over to the blogs, too:

    "Gorani" means "song" in Kurdish. I had CNN running on my TV while I was thinking about creating my first character and listened to Hala Gorani. I like her voice, so decided to use her familiy name for all my characters (I knew it would be difficult to remember names of people online...this would make it easier...and it worked out so far).
    "Zera" is a Kurdish name for a girl (and I personally met a Zera in ...

    Updated 22-05-2009 at 20:38 by Gorani

  5. A day with the savages - 18.Nov.2008

    by , 18-11-2008 at 18:46 (Gorani's Blog)
    I decided to join forces with the Luxon today. I managed to H/H both Aurios and Zos Shivros on the first attempt (got around 120 points each, so way enough to raise the cap). On the fourth attempt, I got a good team in JQ, that made the mission not even a close one. American servers had a more populated FA and we steamrolled the Kurzicks without any real resistance.
    I will try to get a guest invite from friends to win an alliance battle to have maxed the Luxon caps not linked to rank. Then ...

    Updated 18-11-2008 at 18:59 by Gorani

    Daily writings
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