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This is Gorani's GWO blog with lots of stuff around GWO and me playing GuildWars.
I try to post things in different categories, so check out those or use the search window to find older, but still interesting posts.

  1. So far so....different - 16.Nov.2008

    by , 16-11-2008 at 19:56 (Gorani's Blog)
    After almost all of my friends list was PMing me and asking for Kurzick faction over the last two days, I was able to raise my faction cap a little bit.

    FA was fun the two times I did it. Kurzicks were really good....wait...I am not sure. The reduction of the time to complete the "machine" helps a lot, but I think once Kurzicks get more organized (e.g. bond the doors more), this might be too unbalanced. I wish they had just reduced the Luxon hammer warriors to two instead ...
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  2. Immortalized - 14.Nov.2008

    by , 14-11-2008 at 21:09 (Gorani's Blog)
    I can not describe the "OMG" feeling I had when I went online today. First I got an e-mail notification that my wiki talkpage had been altered. I was thinking: "What?" and clicked on Gordon Eckers "welcome to the NPC club link".
    I am not sure if my heart stopped for a split second, when the new "Gorani" page showed up.

    Later I logged in all of my characters to make all spread W/TH points account wide (not really many) and cashed ...

    Updated 14-11-2008 at 22:08 by Gorani

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  3. An Elementalist's spellbook

  4. If you wait, it will come? - 11.Nov.2008

    by , 11-11-2008 at 20:34 (Gorani's Blog)
    Daily work schedule has got me again, so I am back to the "it would be great if I could spend some time with GW during weekdays" routine.
    I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of gaining faction and helping a guild mate with Napuhi today.
    Hearing from the "delayed 13th update" is just a little bit sad, because I'd rather have a little buggy update than a bug infested hive of problems with the update.

    BTW, I finally can remove those three items from ...

    Updated 14-11-2008 at 22:05 by Gorani

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  5. Beachhead battles - 09.Nov.2008

    by , 09-11-2008 at 18:59 (Gorani's Blog)
    I exhausted myself with raptors last weekend, so I didn't make extensive runs on them this weekend. I did some questing on Luxon lands with my Rit after she went past Gyala (see last entry) and a few ABs, with mixed sucessful teams. All those points got me a little closer to the next Kurzick rank (and unlocked al luxon skills for Zera). Perhaps I will be able to hit that rank before the big balance update goes live next week...but I have my doubts.

    I still hope for Luxon/Kurzick "bounty ...

    Updated 09-11-2008 at 20:02 by Gorani

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