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  1. Solomon's Seal

    "Blind Hot Daggers"

    Level: 20

    Critical Strikes: 13 (10+3)
    Dagger Mastery: 9 (7+2)
    Shadow Arts: 8 (7+1)
    Air Magic: 6
    Fire Magic: 10

    Blinding Surge [Elite] (Air Magic)
    Target foe is struck for 23 lightning damage and Blinded for 6 seconds. If that foe is under the effects of an Enchantment, all adjacent foes are also Blinded for 6 seconds. This Spell has 25% armor penetration. ...
  2. Solomon's Seal

    "Stop Hitting Yourself"

    Level: 20

    Restoration Magic: 16 (12+4)
    Deadly Arts: 12

    Weapon of Remedy [Elite] (Restoration Magic)
    For 8 seconds, the next time target ally takes damage from a foe, that ally steals up to 79 Health from that foe and loses 1 Condition.
    Energy:5 Cast:0.25 Recharge:3

    Vengeful Weapon (Restoration Magic)
    For 8 seconds, the next time target ally takes damage ...
  3. Solomon's Seal

    Sliver Tank

    Level: 20

    Strength: 2 (1+1)
    Swordsmanship: 14 (10+4)
    Tactics: 12 (11+1)
    Earth Magic: 10

    Sliver Armor (Earth Magic)
    For 9 seconds, you have a 42% chance to block attacks and whenever you are the target of a hostile Spell or attack one nearby foe is struck for 25 earth damage.
    Energy:10 Cast:1 Recharge:30

    Armor of Earth (Earth Magic)
    For 30 seconds, ...
  4. Solomon's Seal

    This will be nerfed:

    Palm Beach


    Deadly Arts 15 (11+4)
    Shadow Arts 9 (8+1)
    Earth Prayers 11

    Core build:
    Sand Shards
    Way of the Empty Palm
    Any Dual Attack
    Shadow Refuge

    Plus (currently):
    Shameful Fear
    Dark Escape

    Activate WotEP and cover with Sand Shards and Shadow Refuge.
    Then spam your dual attack ...
  5. Solomon's Seal

    This is another ongoing build based on the assassins ability to inflict conditions and the much underutilised Victory is Mine.

    Firstly, a shout out to Cardinal Cyn, member of Solomon's Seal for helping with the build.

    I've got this down as an AB build, but it would work well in RA. Drop Signet of Shadows for a rez.

    The Cleaner


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