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  1. RTW's character stories

    The year was winding down like the snow falling on Krytaís golden shores, gently tucking in the city of Lionís Arch in a white blanket. But the city was not settling down to sleep, rather it is during this time of year that the city is most active. Lights and decorations transmogrified the city into a Wintersday wonderland. The biting cold ignored by the masses as they shifted through the city on their own agenda. Some sought the perfect gift for friends or loves one, while others hunted joy and ...
  2. RTW's character stories

    So I haven't been here in a while huh? Lucky for you, I had a pretty sleepless night last night. This little story idea had been playing itself out in my head for a few nights now, and it wasn't until just tonight that I managed to wrestle it onto a more sharing friendly format. This little blurb is about my assassin character Art Double and my rit Carrie Nurse. As a little known fact, the name Art Double is derived from my forum name Releasetheweasel. Split it up to release the weasel, then take ...
  3. RTW's character stories

    Hello devoted (ummm...) reader(s?)! Here is a little something I like to call Nec-romance. I think the title gives it away a little but I don't mind. I wrote this for the 300 fanfic contest, where the rules stated to write a story about some character's death. I wanted to start this one off sort of like a buddy flick, like two guys in a war looking out for each others back. Maybe trick someone into thinking one of them would die in an epic fight and afterwards the other would cradle his best friends ...
  4. RTW's character stories

    This is just a funny story I thought of while at work last night (it was very, very slow) and I decided to type it up.

    The sun rolled in through the windows, gently warming the small hut in which Preston Nightdeath and Susie Dear lived on the Zoo Crew's guild hall. As the morning sun rose, so did Preston. Lazily, the necromancer rolled out of bed and stumbled for the bathroom. After a few groggy, confused moments, ...
  5. RTW's character stories

    Yeah so it's been a while huh? I had promised to write up Lysandra's back story next but once I had started I realized that just might take me a bit longer. So I'm going to go ahead and give you this little tasty short story. Enjoy.

    Preston stepped outside and drew in a breath of crisp morning air, the sun's rays just beginning to peak out over the horizon. He began to casually stroll down the street. ...
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