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  1. Pretty much done

    Okay, it's been a while since I posted, I lost the password to here after that forced password change. Attempts at getting a new password didn't seem to work because I never seemed to get the reset one. Turns out my email blocker from the ISP was putting it in the junk files. Seems odd how one email, the initial request for a reset makes it through, and then the email with the reset pass doesn't. Ah well...
    *thinks a moment* AHH, I know why... header says this "Subject: Your new password ...

    Updated 01-11-2011 at 18:42 by Noa Brightington

  2. Tired of this one.

    Okay, week and a half ago, I got a mail from blizz rep, saying they'd like to thank me for buying Starcraft2 early, and if I log into my blizz account, I can get a free FULL WoW account going.

    So of course my bullsht detector goes off, I check message out, go to battlenet log in via my own external link I normally use when I need to mess with it, which hasn't been often, and yet..

    There it is, an actual full account, go here.
    I click on it, and it turns ...
  3. Thoughts about GW2, good and bad

    Well I got that letter from the GM, telling me that the MPB is rare because everyone wants one, but I have a lot of 'chances' to get it if I want.
    That whole concept just seems so... F'ed in the HEAD. Especially for a game that has prided itself on NOT being a grindfest, nor having uber expensive items to the point that one needs to farm gold or other high end valuables to achieve things. Yes it's 'optional', but so are mad king guard minis, which people have to actually WORK for to get. ...
  4. Thoughts and delusions while chasing the bear

    So another year of chasing the bear goes by, no luck, and people call me stupid... whacked in the head, maaaaaad...

    For a while, I was able to open the chest without getting excited, but I'm starting to do that again, thinking THIS time..
    okay, THIS TIME>..
    one more... THIS TIME...

    and between fuming and trying not to fuss, *****ing to people on aim, not in game, because no one wants to hear it, yadda yadda,

    I come up with odd ideas about ...

    Updated 03-01-2011 at 01:23 by Noa Brightington

  5. Not terribly happy with dragonfest.

    Well I don't wanna rant in the dragonfest thread more then I already have, so I may as well rant here.

    I have to admit, part of the issues I had with it weren't directly dealing with the dragonfest, but a lot of it seemed to revolve around it.

    It started off on thursday. I had to go in for the second part of a root canal job.
    Oh yeah. fun. What made it even more fun was the fact they didn't give me gas this time, and I felt like I had stuff in my throat ...
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