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  1. Multiple accounts F*** over.

    I'm not posting this in the main forums because it'll probably be considered a whine thread.
    But I kinda feel the need to post something somewhere.

    Someone I know, and I'm not naming anyone, but I'm sure those who know them know thier situation, has multiple account, most of which were given to them by people who decided to leave the game, but wanted someone to 'keep their seat warm', as it were.

    The end result is someone with access to a lot of accounts. ...

    Updated 10-09-2010 at 11:53 by Noa Brightington

  2. Not terribly happy with dragonfest.

    Well I don't wanna rant in the dragonfest thread more then I already have, so I may as well rant here.

    I have to admit, part of the issues I had with it weren't directly dealing with the dragonfest, but a lot of it seemed to revolve around it.

    It started off on thursday. I had to go in for the second part of a root canal job.
    Oh yeah. fun. What made it even more fun was the fact they didn't give me gas this time, and I felt like I had stuff in my throat ...
  3. Profession hunter

    Okay, since the professions are now available to me in the desert, may as well do those before the dragon's lair, and then afterwards, go capping there.
    Since there's a cap from Kephet, we'll start with prophet's path, and the kree minotaur kill for the ele test. The minotaur has nothing to cap, but kephet does. We'll be going after her as well.

    Kephet edit: Oh that went VERY well!
    Found the minotaur, worked him over good, then headed off to find kephet. then used ...

    Updated 28-06-2010 at 08:23 by Noa Brightington

  4. Desert Run

    Well, I decided to take lytha's advice, and got a ride to sanctum cay.
    It was an alliance member, but she wasn't as good a runner as she thought. This warrior I picked up and myself had to help out where she got stuck and lost a couple times.
    Also she got nailed on degen at the last part. But I can't blame her, you go for to long not doing that route, you forget a few things.
    Thankfully she consented early on to allow me to bring my heros with me, as I knew there'd be ...

    Updated 28-06-2010 at 12:00 by Noa Brightington

  5. Another day, another dink

    Well, I'm getting ready to work on the meyhem quest, but I felt I needed Olias for the meatshield down in the sewers.
    Trying to get a run to the docks was getting problematic. Far to many spammers vs legit game players. I tried way late last night, knew that was pointless.
    Tried again today, and had marginally better luck. THere was a warrior offering, but charging 500g. Felt a bit steep.
    So I passed. Then a dirvish charging the same thing, after mulling it over, I said ...

    Updated 26-06-2010 at 06:53 by Noa Brightington

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