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The frantic musings of a madman with an eye for culture

Welcome to the most powerful blog in all of The Mists. Closely bonded with our universe and that of Tyria we share reports from either side of The Rift upon all things Guildie and Warsie (And Twosie!).

Be it excavation in PreSearing Ascalon, investigating the Foundry of Failed Creations, bargain hunting in Kaineng City or querying the history of the Hall of Monuments we've done it all.

So who better to send information across from the world of Tyria now that 250 years have passed since our last adventures were told?

Come in, have a read, point out inaccuracies and generally have a good time!

  1. GWOnline Blog Extravaganza - If I Were In Guild Wars 2 Beta

    by , 01-03-2012 at 03:50 (The frantic musings of a madman with an eye for culture)
    My name is Art Y Mori...

    ...And this is my story

    Were I to be one of the lucky few to get into the beta of Guild Wars 2...

    ...A man can dream can't he?

    First off I'd do as I'm asked - they are needing people to test it for a reason and them choosing me and ...
  2. A quick note on some PvP twits

    by , 10-08-2009 at 19:10 (The frantic musings of a madman with an eye for culture)
    This is more of a note to myself than an actual Blog - but anyone reading it might find it interesting enough.

    In one corner we have this University Professor that played City of Heroes called David Myers (aka Twixt) that 'griefed' a lot of people and then wrote up a paper on it.

    And in the other we have a 14 year old boy who, back in 2001, played Everquest. He called himself Fansy the Famous Bard and it looks like he had a real hoot 'griefing' PvP 'griefers' on a ...
  3. Unblooged blogs?

    by , 29-10-2008 at 15:47 (The frantic musings of a madman with an eye for culture)
    Well , now that everything seems to be up and running again (with the exception of the North Tyrian Lore forum) I thought I'd waste 30 secs and post this blog.