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The Meandering Musings Of A Mere Mortal

  1. Current Predictions for GW 2 Classes

    by , 24-06-2010 at 18:04 (The Meandering Musings Of A Mere Mortal)
    So this is my current list of guesses for the classes of Guild Wars 2:

    2 Soldiers:
    • Warrior (revealed)
    • Knight/Paladin/Cleric

    3 Adventurers:
    • Rangers/Archers/Bowmen
    • Rogue/Assassin or Pirate/Corsair
    • Marksmen/Musketeer

    3 Scholars:
    • Elementalists (revealed)
    • Mesmers
    • Necromancers

    Maybe Assassin will be merged with either the class only using guns or the class restricted to bows. So we might have a Rogue class that turns out to be Assassins ...

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