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Sanity: No Entry

An epic tale of how the protoganist endures the hardships of life, draws webcomics and talks about things he finds interesting, yet no one agrees with him. Isn't it sad, Sacchin?

  1. Requiem is backo~

    So after a long hiatus, Requiem is back!
    Since I know readers don't bother visiting the front page, I'll write something here.

    A lot is in story this arc in Requiem.
    So far they're just going with the flow and thinking the Shining Blade's the better group of the two (Not like they can turn back to the Mantle, hah!)

    During the battle for Denravi, the Vanguard ...

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  2. Tome of Odran: Snippet #2

    The Staff of the Mists
    Timestamp: 851 AE.

    As Tabris tried to fend off my 'second son' (Which I rather wouldn't have) I grabbed my staff and looked quickly through the translated documents. It contained various spells of binding, memory erasure.. Nothing helped! I quickly cast the spell of binding in hopes of calming down the beast. It.. Somehow worked. He couldn't move alright, but he was still as angry as ever! Either way, I couldn't keep him in my castle.


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  3. Animation Festival?

    Festival my @$%! It was basically everything crammed into a single building.

    So I was forced to tag along on an excursion to this supposed Animation festival. We would watch two hours of film and four hours of readings/lectures/whatever you call those these days.

    The first hour of short Animations were a bit entertaining. Most from St. Joost College iirc. Though there were a lot of them which made you "WTF" or fall asleep. The Alien animation was pure genius ...
  4. Tome of Odran: Snippet #1

    Timestamp: 849 AE.

    Many weeks have passed and I'm still not done with translating. I took up the decision of going to ask King Thorn about these documents.
    King Thorn is a tactical genius and knows quite a bit of magic. I thought that maybe some of the books in the royal archives could help me.

    King Thorn thought I was joking at first when I told him of how I obtained the papers, though his expression changed at the sight of a certain page. I wasn't far with ...

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