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  1. Cerulean Niteshadow's Blog

    Last night I had Alia out and about. Mapping out some more areas. Found that I had missed a big section near the Falls. Not sure how I missed it. I look at the in game map and try to figure out what I have missed. I know there is area is some missions and I will get that in next night or two, and there is a little area in Lorners that I have missed, so that is my next goal.
    Hopefully I can get her 100% title in the next few days.

    I think tonight though I will play one of ...
  2. Cerulean Niteshadow's Blog

    First let me say....BOO it's Monday. :angry:

    Ok, Not that I have gotten that out of my system...

    Yesterday, I started out making a FOW run. Tested out my new Axe setup for Cerulean. Need to make a few adjustments to it, but otherwise it went very well. Had a great run getting 3 shards & 2 black dyes. :cloud9: Unfortunately no gold drops.

    Then I spent some time doing the Zeishan Challenges to try and get some PVP practice. Just started with myself ...
  3. Cerulean Niteshadow's Blog

    Just a quick note to introduce my next character:


    [LEFT]This is Crimson Niteshadow. Crimson is just getting started and has done some work on Monastery Island. Crimson is a level 6 Assassin and is still considering what she will do for her secondary. The Niteshadow clan was not to happy when they heard that Crimson had choosen the assassin profession. "Well she did like to sneek up ...
  4. Cerulean Niteshadow's Blog

    Started today buy doing a Tombs run with Alia. Everything was going great and we where just about finished with level 3 when suddenly I lock up and get booted. :angry: Thankfully this wasnt an Anet problem as everything on my system froze, so a reboot and I was in business again.

    Oh well, when I got back on I decided to go and explore some more to push my Tyrian explorer title a little higher. While doing that I noticed that Katya had come on-line. Contacted her and we met at the ...
  5. Cerulean Niteshadow's Blog

    Hoorey it's saturday! :grin: Last night I continued my break from Factions by taking Alia into the Tombs. It has been almost 2 months since I was there so it took longer then I expected, but the change from Factions was enjoyable.

    Continuing with chars I have 2 more this morning:


    This is Birdie Root. In the top picture ...
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