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Interesting Stuff - to me.

Confessions, spammings and musings of a Guild Wars fan. I'll try to keep real life out of it, except if it is funny, then I will share :)

  1. To the Stars

    by , 15-08-2010 at 17:34 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    Today, I put my 15yo dog to sleep. She's the one in my avatar. She had bone cancer that metastasized to her lungs and other organs. Within two days of the diagnosis, she went from being the dog that actively guarded my house (albeit stiffly and a certain lack of menace due to a bad back) to a dog that could no longer walk.

    I shall miss her very much, she inspired some of my writing, especially the wolves in my first long fan fiction. Loyal, noble, brave and swift, she was also beautiful, ...
  2. Dwarves

    by , 25-04-2010 at 02:57 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    Originally, I was going to have this entry on dragons. Except that dragons don't do much in GW (or at least GW 1). Glint says a few woo-woo things, but other than that, dragons so far are just very good at sleeping and foreshadowing.

    Dwarves in Guild Wars are pivotal in both Prophecies and Eye of the North. They fill the fantasy archetype of the dying/doomed race. They also have two clear groups - the evil, enslaving Stone Summit and the friendly, self sacrificing Deldrimor.
  3. Charr

    by , 23-04-2010 at 21:40 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    The charr are great enemies to have. They're intelligent yet easily fooled by pretend gods, are legendarily ill tempered and like eating people. They pretty much hit a standard fantasy villain race archetype very nicely, in addition to being sort of furry.

    I like them so much as enemies that I doubt I will play one in GW2. For me, they'll always be those savage fur balls that brought down Ascalon.

    The charr are introduced within minutes of starting Guild Wars. Adelbern ...

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  4. Bones

    by , 23-04-2010 at 02:39 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    B is for bones. Yes, I will be attempting to get through an alphabet of things in GW. I hope I can find something for X...at least there is Zinn for Z :)

    This being a fantasy game there has to be bones and in Guild Wars there are lots and lots of bones. As someone who does in fact collect bones and has studied vertebrate anatomy I really enjoy seeing them.

    Plus, there's the whole lore related Giganticus lupicus thing going on. Whether the monumental sized bones really ...

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  5. Atmosphere

    by , 21-04-2010 at 22:48 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    I'm going to do a series of 5th anniversary gushy fangirl posts. Things that make me happy about the game and today it's the sky.

    In real life I look at the sky a lot, it's the first wonderful thing I look at in the morning - when I sit up, I can see across the length of the attic to a tiny view of the Olympic mountains - often the clouds are pouring over their peaks like heavy cream.

    I love the skies in GW, they really capture the mood of each location, and one can ...
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