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Interesting Stuff - to me.

Confessions, spammings and musings of a Guild Wars fan. I'll try to keep real life out of it, except if it is funny, then I will share :)

  1. At Play in the Studio

    by , 13-04-2010 at 03:16 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    I am a studio artist, I don't generally let game and art merge, mainly because my chosen art is ceramics - and ceramics and games != a lot of common ground. Clay is slow, dirty and subject to the laws of physics and relative humidity. Games and graphics are fast, smooth, clean and by appearance defy things like melting points, vitrification and the finer points of chemistry. I have to say I prefer the dirt, I've never embraced digital art, I find it too antiseptic and I love that ceramics is happy ...
  2. Pug Nostaglia

    by , 16-03-2010 at 18:36 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    I always think of nostalgia as a longing for something that never happened in your past but someone else tells you was wonderful.

    This leads me into the apparent nostalgia for pugs that often rages in GW forums. Back in the old days sayeth the sages, pugs were plentiful and wonderful, if only we could get back to the good old days! (understanding of course this was only five years ago ). My memory of the 'good old days' diverges from the notion of heroes ruining everything. ...
  3. Pepe, Mother of All Devourers!

    by , 08-03-2010 at 08:18 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    I get into these rambling conversations with people about things - like scorpions and my occasional real life horrifying encounters with them - or just HOW UGLY are sun spiders, camel spiders, wind scorpions (google them and try not to run screaming into the next room)?

    So, I once had a professor who told me that scorpions live in the UK. Since this man was a known bull ****ter, I decided to check it out. Well, a few nodes later as I read through the literature (YES there are currently ...
  4. Not A Tank

    by , 05-03-2010 at 21:53 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    The title of today's post is taken tongue and cheek after experiences with the occasional pug and also with acquaintances who farm a lot and have let it color everything they do in PvE. Oh and also in reference (vaguely) to Not A Lion.

    "Where's the tank? We need a tank!"

    A tank is not necessary to have a good experience in hard mode. It just isn't. I'm not denying that tank and spank is very effective, I don't mind groups that use it and have been on probably ...
  5. The Hallowed Point

    by , 02-03-2010 at 17:38 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    I like to bring a picnic lunch out to The Hallowed Point in the Poisoned Outcrops explorable, having fought through the Margonites and undead, rustled our way through the obsidian leaved palmettos that line the way. Under a dead moon lie glowing green outcrops, sulphur pits and a black road winds over bridges made of the bones of dragons lost.

    At the end, if you have the Staff of the Mists, you can complete ...
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