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Tom Nook's Journal

My journey through the realms, in a quest for bells.

  1. Goodnight Sweet Prince

    by , 02-07-2013 at 18:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)

    You will be missed.
  2. First Impressions

    by , 28-04-2012 at 10:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    Beauty, depth, chaos. Those were my first thoughts as I began my foray into the world of Tyria once again. Everything looks great, everything looks big and everything runs around like they're late for a very important date.

    Initially, it was a little confusing. There's no tutorial as such, just pop up boxes in a similar vain to the original Guild Wars; read the text and follow the arrows. I wasn't able to click the ground to move and instead had to rely on keys and both mouse ...
  3. Wintersday!

    by , 17-12-2011 at 17:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    "The Season of the Colossus is loosening its grip,
    But there are still the icy patches. Careful or you'll slip!
    Perhaps you are the type to frolic in the frosty glow.
    Perhaps you wear a fuzzy scarf until the Zephyrs blow.
    Whichever type of reveller you know yourself to be,
    One thing is true: this is a time for sweet festivity.
    So wrap your hand around a ball of snow or mug of cheer.
    Pelt your foes! Hug your friends! Wintersday is here!"
  4. All Hallows Eve

    by , 21-10-2011 at 17:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    "The leaves have turned. The air is chill.
    Spectral fiends do what they will.
    We light a candle, draw the shades,
    And hope it's just the light that fades.

    Can ancient bonds still hold back doom?
    Is there no everlasting tomb?
    Should we help break the Mad King's yoke?
    Are we a punchline in his joke?

    Let's robe ourselves in others' guises,
    Dodge the tricks, and seek out prizes,
  5. Guilds in Guild Wars 2

    by , 29-08-2011 at 17:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    Infomation about exactly how Guilds will operate in Guild Wars 2 is now slowly trickling out. Apparently there's been some sort of convention or something.

    So far we have learned the following:
    An account belongs to a single guild
    One Character can represent multiple guilds or no guild at all
    You can earn influence for your guild
    Guild perks are bought with influence
    Influence can also be used to make keeps harder to take in WvWvW

    Stolen ...
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