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  1. the memory of a hero

    i was looking around for a tyrian translator or at least something to give me some learning props, found something really interested.
    i think it's easy to translate but you can give it a try, might be more difficult then i give it credit.

  2. a view in guild wars 2 in a day

    Guild wars 2 beta weekend event

    Disclaimer: this is all based on personal opinions and personal view, nothing is based on true facts and cannot be linked to experience of other players.

    We’ve all had our chance to play in the guild wars BWE (beta weekend event) and we all have seen the wondrous world in Tyria, while one is out to fight his or her character trough hordes of centaurs and bandits, others go head to head against other players in PvP or WvWvW.
    But since this ...
    Guild Wars 2
  3. the tales of chau sing

    chau sing was born in a small town of cantha, her father was a guard of kaingen and her mother was a kurzick.
    and while her mother was not of royal blood, her dad did not made there life poor.
    they lived in a big temple, where all kaingen soldiers and guards trained for battle.
    at one day, there was a call from tyria.
    ascalon had alarmed every ally they still have to fight the charr on there doorstep, and with the undergoing war of the kurzick and luxon, her mother had no ...
  4. sorudo's history

    i use this blog to make the history of GW and sorudo more clear to the open.
    it has life, destruction, death and epic tails in it.

    before the time of magic, there was a man.
    this man was called sorudo, a wise man with a passion of study.
    after be became 20, he roomed the lands, searching for knowledge beyond books and tails.
    he searched and learned until one day, he fell in a hole just where the tengu's lived.
    in this hole a ruin library as big as a castle ...

    Updated 14-12-2009 at 21:59 by sorudo