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  1. Qin Li's Avatar
    I would hope my fellow Canthans are smarter than falling for that.

    Anyway. Trying to leave RL out of this as much as I can while keeping things reasonably plausible ....

    Sigh. My Aftermath is going at a snail's pace as I can't get out of the Vizier arc. At this rate, GW2 will launch before I can finish my story.
  2. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Ministry of Homeland Security?
  3. Qin Li's Avatar
    Hm. It was a direction for the character and not so much meant to model the game, but I can see how farming for gold/platinum can seem familiar. Except for us, instead of looting fisheries and villages and having to answer our conscience, we're given convenient monsters that drop gold.
  4. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    you know... the way the first part of this is described, reminds me of the general feel of the game itself.
    It's interesting how you capture that.
  5. Lytha's Avatar
    Yay, now we can comment.

    I just wanted to drop in and say how much I liked this snippet. For some reasons, it enchants me even more than Qin Li's Journey did. Language and action progress are quite eye-catching for my taste.

    This snippet made me want to read more about it. :)

    Updated 17-12-2008 at 09:44 by Lytha
  6. Qin Li's Avatar
    Greetings, readers. Lytha just let me know that my blog's comment section was disabled. Seems like it was set that way when the new format came up, and I just didn't know about it. I followed the directions and enabled it now. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused. Thank you, Lytha.
  7. Qin Li's Avatar
    Readers please note: there is a more final version of this tale at Aftermath @ Fan Fic. The snippets posted here as blog entries may and will evolve before being transferred and merged there. If you want a peek at what I'm up to, come here. To see what I finally end up with, go there.
  8. Qin Li's Avatar
    As mentioned, much thanks to Noa for her ideas and editing. My stuff can get monotonous and too sugary. Her input made it a bit more exciting, I think. Just realized my ending was confusing. I thought I had a pretty good one at the time, but realize now another round of edit would've helped. Oh well.
  9. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I poked the player that she could do a background story on her chara, helping to fill in some gaps that make up her life. It would also help to work as a kind of Postscript. I had no idea she was going to do this, but I'm well and pleased with how this turned out. I was given early copy, and did some nitpicking which she generously reffers to as 'collaborating'. I'm happy to have been a part of this.
  10. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I had tried doing some runs with another ele, but we never got along very well. I thought qin might be a better partner, but I thought she should get some practice in first. Thus, I took her to an easy spot, jahai bluffs. What she described here is pretty much what happend. We talked about things, and went exploring elsewhere. I tend to be rather opinionated, and expressed some views on things, which are almost echoed exactly on here, but with better structure.
  11. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I had put Qin on my friendslist, and seen her pop on a few times, but never really could push myself to say hi or anything. When the newyears fest came around, I decided that now was as good a time as any. I poked her with my main, and then switched to tarasia to meet her at shing jea. We talked for a bit, and she said she was running out of cash. I had done nahpui runs with zenmai, and tarasia bonding, and those were usually fairly successful, though it would take a while to clear the map.
  12. Qin Li's Avatar
    OK. I'll post a copy here. If anyone reading thinks this is not the appropriate place for fanfic, please let me know.
  13. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    You know, you could just post the story on here, and post a link to there. Or would that be problematic?
  14. Qin Li's Avatar
    Yeah. I find problems with old posts often as well. I wonder if I should blame public education or myself more. No. nobody wagged their finger at me and said no-no about posting stories here; I'm just pro-actively trying to do the right thing.
  15. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    2/3rds of the time, I always find errors in my posts, though thanks to firefox, the actual spelling errors are kept to a minimum now. But I usually want to go back and clean up a post because sometimes it makes little sense the 1st or even 2nd times around. This is why I wish we had longer editing times for our posts in the forums. The other thing is, did someone SAY you had to stop posting fanfic here?
  16. Qin Li's Avatar
    I didn't want to use the blog for stories any more since they're not really blog entries. You can add pics to the fan fic article fine, but you're correct about the error correction, though; I just looked over the post over there and, sure enough, found some errors.
  17. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I thought you were gonna post it here. Is there a problem with posting it here?
    One of the big reasons I would preffer posting in the blog forums is you can edit the post afterwards if you find any errors or want to add pictures like I tend to do.
    Ah well. Maybe this is better off.
  18. Qin Li's Avatar
    Much thanks goes to Noa Brightington for helping me with the piece, making sure the stuff made sense, the cameo of Tarasia Darklighter, and catching some stupid grammar errors on the way.
  19. Qin Li's Avatar
    Lol. I'd only say that, by comparison, Kisu seems significantly wiser by comparison. Or at least he listens to his advisers.
  20. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Damn if this doesn't sound familer. Kisu wants to mess around in other people's backyards, while there's still am fan and jade jerks running around kaineng city area. I'm surprised the ministry hasn't called for tax cuts based on how much you pay to help stimulate growth.
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