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  1. Halloween event plans-update 1

    Hello everyone! As some of you may know, im planning to host a Halloween event on October 31st. And, during my last week of planning, I have come up with 3 new contests! Here they are!

    The great ghost robbery!

    *Halloween, as everyone knows, is a time for ghouls and ghosts. These festering poltergeists rely on a rift combining the spirit world to the world of the mortals. These rifts are present in Droknars Forge, Kamadan, Tomb of the primeval kings, but the strongest ...
  2. Guild wars science 3-Global warming

    The dilemna of the century-global warming. CO2 is in large concentrations in the atmosphere nowdays, but without it there, the planet would be -15 degrees centigrade. Thats right, its warming properties actually help us.

    But can it happen without humans? The answer-yes!

    Here are most of the reasons why it will happen:
    *Volcanic eruptions (the ones YOU heroes of tyria started in ring of fire are examples)
    *Sorrows furnace
    *People burning fires ...
  3. Guild wars science 2-Alcohol

    How is alcohol made? Im sure most of you know, but if you dont, here is how.

    Beer, ale, cider and wine

    *These 4 are made through fermenting yeast. As yeast ferments without oxygen (anaerobic), it will produce alcohol. However, its amounts are little so beer and such have low alcohol concentrations. Yeast is not used with stronger alcohols (eg firewater) because the yeast eventually kills itself.
    *How do they get yeast? Most yeast is found on the outside of ...
  4. Nicholas guide 5-Margonite masks!

    Hello again everyone! Nicholas has again moved to another location, this time demanding another fairly simple task-find 2 margonite masks per gift. So how can you get these 10 masks?

    The task

    "What a bleak place to meet your end. Bones are scattered everywhere, and the only creatures I recognize are ravens. I find neither of these things to be the best of omens, though a Norn might disagree. I would like to leave with the fleetest of strides that Yakkington and
  5. Guild wars and science explained-part 1

    Hey guys! Because im some sort of science nerd, i thought I should use my knowledge and work out some stuff from GW. This is slightly inspired by that Sulfurous wastes thread in the lore forums.

    Part one topic-Ores.

    How do armour crafters get iron for swords, and making steel? I honestly dont know. Iron is orignally extraced from its ore, haemotite, by using a blast furnace. Its heated with some carbon to transfer the oxygen from iron to carbon. But how could crafters ...
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