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  1. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    Its ok, ive actually just entered a guild 2 days ago. The GWO guild let me back in.
  2. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    Although the planet cools, CO2 is still released into the atmosphere, which will affect the planet later on.
  3. Sjeng's Avatar
    Hey man. I just "discovered" your blog here on GWO, and stumbled across your post here, about seeking a guild.
    First off I'm afraid I can't offer you an invite, as we're all Dutch/Belgian in our alliance, but man, I'd sure invite someone like you, were the circumstances different... You're probably in a different timezone as well, we're all CET, mostly on in the evenings here.
    Just curious: have you found a guild yet? I'm sure there are still lots of decent PvE guilds out there, some fairly well-known ones too I bet.
    I like the things you've done and are still doing for the GW community. People like you keep a game going. Keep it up!
  4. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Noa Facepalms...

    Freebie, when a volcano blows up, or emits ash, if it's powerful enough to blanket a large area, that tends to result in COOLING.
    Not warming. The ash blocks out the sun, and cools the planet for a time.
    What's going on with us right now, with humans in this day and age is we're converting resources that store CO2 into energy. This releases the carbon back into the atmosphere, creating the greenhouse effect.
    The pisser thing is, if we could find a way to totally stop producing greenhouse gasses, as long as we haven't gone over the edge, then the planet would right itself in a short matter if a couple of years.
    But that's the problem, we CAN'T stop.

    Siiigh. I really wish you'd think a lot of these posts through a bit more.
  5. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    Woops, that went in the wrong list. I meant to say volcanoes and how they produce smoke.
  6. Zayren's Avatar
    *People burning fires
    People burning fires happens without people....?
  7. Qin Li's Avatar
    I think sword crafting came way before contemporary knowledge of material properties and molecular manipulations that yields hardened alloys. Even without these knowledge and that of chemistry, early crafters knew enough about heating up certain materials, pounding them, dipping them in water, etc., to make them pliable enough to shape into sharp blades that then cool to harden enough to make weapons out of them. It is unfortunate that, when it comes to destruction, men are very resourceful. We may not have known yet how to build strong bridges and housing, but we knew enough how to make deadly weapons to hurt each other.
  8. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Cooling it is a complicated process, I doubt in GW it'd be possible. Mostly they'd use conventional means, or conventional and magical means.
    No offence, but this whole line here seems overall pointless.
    You could seriously be delving into the 'science' of GW, and there is a science to things. Even magic uses a scientific method to achieve goals.
    What is the science behind the gods and their gifts.

    Something that's bugged me though, you have the science of Lore, and then you have the game mechanics that operate the world. The Game Mechanics smack up against lore at times. It's a bit like being able to change real life physics on a whim. Or at least, with some consultation of greater powers.
    It's like finding out that God, Budda, Allah, and all those guys are working in the cosmic equivalant of a 9-5 job in a cube farm. And Mr Lumberg wants God to show up on Saturday, and it'd be great if he could show up on sunday too. Yeaaahhhh...
  9. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    Actually, i thought super-cooling hot metal caused it to shatter? Anyway, cooling it quickly would work. And of course, Sorrows Furnace would be the best place to make iron. But oxidation reactions of iron are very slow, so really, iron may not have oxidisied in some places, although this is probably wrong.
  10. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    OI... you're asking how, in a magic world, where elementalists can make showers of fire, and call down meteors from the heavans, HOW they can make a fire hot enough to use steel and coke?
    You ever see a fun little movie called Dragonslayer?
    One other thing to remember, dwarves tend to be the best crafters of metal weaponry.
    They have access to the raw steel and coke, and furnace of molten lava and the like. You have water mages able to cool down the objects after forging, and in fact, if they can freeze them to a point far below normal freezing, it would likely force the steel to become even harder, ala the near zero kelven freezing technique that some guys developed some years back to help metal retain it's sharpness and hardness.
    Though they used a controlled freezing method that gradually brought the temp down over a period of several hours, allowing the molecules to find the pattern that makes them more rigid instead of just forcing them quickly.
    I need to go on wiki again and look at stuff up.
  11. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    Lol. Nice builds.
  12. Sjeng's Avatar
    Olias is my MM of choice. Livia lugs around her big jugs... Of ashes that is! :P
    Why don't you post the builds as well? ('not sure if GWbbcode works here, but here goes):

    D/Mo 130HP;OgOQM1D273l52cP3yD9B
    Protection Prayers: 10
    Scythe Mastery: 12+1+3 (16)
    Earth Prayers: 6+3 (9)
    Mysticism: 6+3 (9)

    Mo-W 55hp PvE farmer;OwEV0Y39QoUL6ewt0ggvoeQkAnUeA
    55 hp setup. full radiant + 5 super runes, -50hp grim cesta.

    can't post more than 4 images, so copy paste ;)
  13. Lytha's Avatar
    I used interrupt-Gwen, MM-Olias, axe-Koss, Mhenlo, Lina, my mesmer with mostly echoed Pain Inverter.

    0-3 scales per run, but I killed all the drakes on that map, not just the first 3 mobs.
  14. Burning Freebies's Avatar

    I use a sabway setup with 4 henchies (herta, cynn, mhenlo, lina), and usually get 1 scale per run. Runs can last anything up to 5 mins, and thats an absolute max (they usually do for me because of my lag after entering Central transfer chamber). MM's work because the drakes are fleshy. And mesmers should have a field day with backfire, cry of pain (they stay close together), and maybe pain inverter (they deal large spike damage, so it could work). Use enchantment removal eg shatter enchantment or drain. Mantras of fire work here well, as they love using elemental shift to fire damage.
  15. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    I dont really have a solo sin, so I cant really check. Im sure it could work. If it was solo, it would certainly mean bigger drops, no sharing gold and all that. Remember, this just one way. There are probably many other ways.
  16. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    What, no solo sin mode?

    edit:just so you know, I was being fictitious
    Updated 15-05-2009 at 06:52 by Noa Brightington
  17. Lytha's Avatar
    LDoA is something I won't ever do. IMHO, it's a complete waste of time and doesn't provide any fun or useful results for your grind (just like PvP ).

    I got a character in presearing now, but guess what? She died twice when I was brawling with some Charr at lvl 9 without a pet, and so I'll transfer her to post and reroll, as soon as her stacks of collectables have been turned into Gifts of Nicholas.
  18. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    *He means 100 platinum
    *1000 ectos is about 5-6 million gold pieces, which im not getting through ectos. I plan to get it through golds, greens, scrolls, elite and normal tomes and Halloween treats.
  19. Jono Mozza's Avatar
    Thats about 1000 ectos, maybe more depending on their trader price. good luck :P i expect regular updates
  20. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    well, does he mean GOLD, or gold equivalent? How many stacks of ectos is that?
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