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  1. WTT? (the quest for the sugar)

    Not sure this is worth posting in the Trade Forums, so here goes...

    I have a few Boozeahol points and a few Party points left over - ideally looking to trade them for rough equivalent value in Sweet points. Perhaps someone perusing through might spot it and wish to take up on this offer...

    --- I eventually hit GWAMM. Items are mostly still available if you're after them, and will happily part with them super cheap or free if needs be.


    Updated 22-04-2012 at 21:38 by kokabel

  2. progress (nearly done!)

    My Hall of Monuments stands at 49/50 right now, and I am only needing six (6!) more mini pets to finish that off.

    Here is a list of minipets I do not have currently, any 6 of these will finish off the HoM for me. If you're looking to sell one, hit me up in PM and we can talk. I will try and keep this updated.

    Black Beast
    White Rabbit
    Mad King Thorn
    Desert Griffon
  3. current goals, v2

    The HoM info certainly revitalised my interest in PvE a little bit. Thankfully I've finished almost all PvE title hunting content now.

    So far I have left to do:
    - Vanguard rank
    - Lightbringer rank
    - Skill Hunter (4 titles)
    - Consumable titles (3 titles to do)

    Which would take me to GWAMM. I'm also looking to get 50/50 on the HoM Calculator though, so here is what else I'm thinking of doing. (39/50 right now)

    - Gladiator 3 ...

    Updated 18-11-2010 at 17:41 by kokabel

  4. current goals

    This is mainly just me listing what I'm trying to finish in Guild Wars at the moment. I figured I should try to get something together to keep track of what I am doing and to see how fast I can actually get it done.

    Hero: Currently at Rank 4. Aiming for Rank 5 within the next month, though I am not sure if this will happen. Ultimate aim is Rank 6, after which I'll re-***** whether I can see myself getting Rank 9.

    Gladiator: I've been really lazy, and not ...
  5. picspam

    Thought it was about time to dump a few choice screenies that amused me recently.

    Something classic:

    lol, texmod:

    lol, Kamadan:

    lol, Selket (also why you should be careful what crap you ...

    Updated 08-02-2010 at 03:18 by Kahlan (Removing link to screen shot with cursing. That is not allowed on these boards.)

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