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Aoi Enishi

  1. About Warriors in PvP

    Some Stuff i wrote about Warriors/Warrior tactics in PvP:

    Quaterknocking is a way used to keep your foe knocked down twice in succession with so little time in between that he doesn’t have time enough to stand up and use a single skill, not even a 0.25 second cast Patient spirit.

    Quaterknocking can be done in various ways, but this example will have quaterknocking that depends on the skills Bulls Strike and Shock. Merely keeping your foe knocked ...

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  2. R a m

    So i have a bad memory.

    I use my PC alot, its more compact than a wall of post-its, which i also have. Sometimes i find stuff ive written, i know i have because my name is on it, but when or where or why i have no idea. This is some of my Random Acess Memories.

    RAM-File: Chatree

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  3. Ashes To Ashes Dust to Dust [AADD] Screenshot Competition

    This ill make into my Screenshot Gallery, the pictures here are pictures of me and my guildmates characters in their finest armor and weapons. The Pictures here are entries for the [AADD] Screenshot competition ending on Martch 8th 2009.

    If you comment on the pictures here, please refrain from posting your own pictures, since the judges of the competition will use this blog as reference material we wouldnt want your picture to win if you are not a member of the guild. Thank you in ...

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