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Tyris Requiem

  1. Why 99% of RA players are terrible.

    It's a question of player skill. For the sake of argument I'll be steering clear of the monk/nomonk teams argument since there is pages of argument on the subject. What I will be examining is why RA is full of bad players, why they never seem to improve and what effects this has on the arena overall.

    So... what makes a good player?

    General Stuff:
    • Good field vision ie NOT staring at the redbars/skillbar.
    • Correct use of Weapon sets ie 40/40, 40/20/20 staff,
  2. picspam

    B made one so I figured I should make one too ;D

    lol gwen:

    lol ab:

    lol urgoz:

    lol warriors;

  3. Me *****ing about AB and stuffs...

    Ok after seeing so much fail in ab I have decided to post a long *** rant were i *****, whine and generally QQ about all things AB.

    AB is really the only place I can have casual pvp funz with friends atm since we generally don't have enough people on for anything else and PuG's fail so hard.

    Item 1: Maps.

    I mean come on Kurzik I know u like JQ/FA but what the **** are you guys doing!? The map is on boring Ancestral pretty all the time atm... and Ancestral ...
  4. The Ultimate Melee Assassin PvP Guide

    Long blog is long....

    I wrote it more in guide format than blog format tbh..

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Author comments

    Ok so a few threads on the forum have convinced me somthing needed to be done. This guide isn't really aimed at high end PvPers but more as an informative guide to all who play the assassin and fill in the many misconceptions and fix the fundamental flaws of 99% of assassin players.

    All in all the assassin class isn't ...

    Updated 26-04-2010 at 00:42 by Tyris Requiem