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  1. kokabel's Avatar
    The chart made me lol pretty hard.

    Oh well, so long as I get g3 before it totally implodes I don't care.
  2. kokabel's Avatar
    god I hate minions so hard.
  3. kokabel's Avatar
    Gwen-Doll still creeps me the hell out.
  4. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I gave up trying to actually do AB with actual intent to win, ... like... over a year ago.
    This has been said before, and will be said again, the problem is the reward level. It's catch 22ing itself to death, which ironicly, is the reason that JQ used to be so dead.
    The good players want to get a decent reward.
    But you can't GET to having decent rewards unless you have good players. The time it takes for good players to get in, do well, and start getting into maps that give them decent rewards, they're usually done with playing the game for the day(3-4 hours tops), and thus, it reverts back to crappy players.

    I remember going with some people in our guild years ago, and the one guy had a good quick kill build where he could pretty much solo every shrine but the warrior one. E/A.
    But there's that other problem. Most of the good ABers have gotten all their kurz faction, and are done with that side, unless, as you say, they're on alt accounts and are playing kurz for a while for ****s and grins.
    But they get so crappy points out of it, they're usually better off with JQ or DZSC.

    I suppose it could be worse. Amatz could still give 10 points a runner in.