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  1. Calling all Dragon Sun members!

    Attention all Dragon Sun members!

    Would you please send me your GW's characters in PM or email? I hadn't got any GW character's name yet.

    If you want to send me a PM or email about your GW's character, all I need to know was the Character's name in Guild Wars, that's it.

    If you have it on your profile, I'll mark you in the Guild.
  2. The Four Suns of the Dragon Sun

    Join the Dragon Sun here. And we'll become the fearless heroes.

    Here are the four suns of the Dragon Sun.

    Red Sun(Rebellion and Vigilance) = We can keep on going, and we watch for the enemies.

    Orange Sun(Courage and Valor) = We do not give up, we should not flee, and we do not retreat. We are fearless.

    Yellow Sun(Honor and Duty) = We respect every god that they told us.
  3. How To Protect Your Guild Wars Account?

    If someone is hacking your GW account, here's some tips of "How To Protect Your Guild Wars account?"

    If you have a computer security who can secure your password, please secure your GW password. Like I have McAfee who can secure my password, which is called "Password Vault", I secure my password in the "Password Vault".

    So if you want to protect your GW account, please have your computer security that includes securing your password, or ...