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  1. Games, Greed and Business models

    Originally posted here http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...ront-of-MMORPG
    I thought it deserved a blog post as well, since its an important issue imo.

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    The EA argument drives me up the wall. Aside from my personal experiences with them, the complaints just makes me want to punch every single person complaining. It's not so much that the complaints aren't valid - they often are. But the fact that people still buy the
  2. Grind

    This blogpost arose as a reaction to a discussion found here:


    More specifically it responds to Alaris last post but in general it consists of musings over grind, timesinks and different viewpoints on these.

    Ways WoW's timesinks have been 'improved'

    1 Travel times have been improved in a number of ways. Hearthstone (bind to specific ...
  3. SW again, an ongoing review.

    Ok, I still play the game. Mainly because I want to give it a fair chance and for that I need more time. I will try and posts my impressions here, these are more of a reflection then a really thorough analysis of the different mechanics. Most is written from a WoW perespective since that is the MMO I know best, this might put some off but so be it

    This time a rather negative approach mainly going into what should be the main accomplishment of SW, the story.
  4. SWTOR beta review from a WoW perspective

    My attempt at a 'professional' review, as 'professional' goes after only a weekend of play. Have divided it in Excellent, Good and Average. I dint really find any bad points so no category for that. Overall I was pleasantly surprised about the game, I have been highly sceptic but it won me over rather quickly :D Read why here:

    The excellent:

    Interactive questing

    Bioware's interactive storytelling brought to the MMO genre! If you ever dreamt of ...
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