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  1. Legendary achieved

    Today I finally got the gold together to buy Leaf of Kudzu from the trading post. It would have taken me a little longer, but I did have the support of guildies and friends. I did most of it myself and I'm sure that if I carried on playing the Mystic forge it would have taken me far longer. I stopped gambling on the 11th of February and it's now 28th of March so really it hasn't taken me all that long; probably about the same length of time that it took to acquire all the materials for the gifts. ...
    Guild Wars 2
  2. Why I am no longer playing the Mystic forge

    In simple terms because it's a gamble set up to be a money sink. It is designed to take gold out of the game. In any gamble, as we all logically know, the house always wins. Increasing the number of times I dump four rare weapons into the forge doesn't increase my chances to win. I have exactly the same chance on my 10,000th try as I did on my first and nothing to show for it except more chances to try by selling the exotics.

    The logic of the argument for using the Mystic forge is ...
    Guild Wars 2
  3. I'm a disabled gamer.

    I don't talk about it very much, generally because it's not relevant. I have certain aids that allow me to overcome problems I have with my hands and eyesight using a computer in general. For instance I'm typing this using a speech to text program and the mouse I use is an MMO gaming mouse which allows me to play with only my right hand. I also have a Nostromo keypad which allows me to play with only my left hand. This way I can alternate hands depending on which of my hands is least painful and ...
    Guild Wars 2
  4. Guild Wars 2

    I'm sorry. I'm too busy playing playing Guild Wars 2 to talk about it.

    I will also note I popped back into GW1 shortly to farm some more zkeys thanks to a double faction in JQ/FA event, but that's about it.
    Guild Wars 2 , Guild Wars 1
  5. So I'm new at this.

    So as my title so aptly told you, I'm new at this blogging thing. My intent here is to provide a running dialog as a player who pretty much picks the support/heal role in every game I play.

    I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2 and Tera, although the latter may fall to the wayside when GW2 launches on the 25th.

    A bit of history: I played Guild Wars from its launch until about 2008 fairly regularly. I started in PvE and eventually became a regular in the PvP community - ...
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