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  1. Guild Wars 2

    I'm sorry. I'm too busy playing playing Guild Wars 2 to talk about it.

    I will also note I popped back into GW1 shortly to farm some more zkeys thanks to a double faction in JQ/FA event, but that's about it.
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  2. So I'm new at this.

    So as my title so aptly told you, I'm new at this blogging thing. My intent here is to provide a running dialog as a player who pretty much picks the support/heal role in every game I play.

    I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2 and Tera, although the latter may fall to the wayside when GW2 launches on the 25th.

    A bit of history: I played Guild Wars from its launch until about 2008 fairly regularly. I started in PvE and eventually became a regular in the PvP community - ...
  3. Tyrian Vanquisher and Tyrian Cartographer

    gw779 copy.jpg

    Doing my own little victory dance etc.

    Rundown of how my vqing went:

    Talmark Wilderness: Easy, except for the fire imps. It really is pretty in here.

    Majesty's Rest: I didn't set up a team for Rotscale, so predictably, I did a terrible job. When he was finally dead, we limped away at 60% DP (mostly) and finished the vanquish.

    Snake Dance, Dreadnought's Drift and Lornar's Pass: Snake Dance is a large but ...

    Updated 14-08-2012 at 02:22 by Nikhera

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  4. More Progress in Tyrian Vanquisher

    So I am at 40/54!

    Which means I am 3/4 done!

    Ok, what have I done since then?

    I did Ascalon Foothills, Diessa Lowlands and Dragon's Gullet in "one go." And what I mean by that is that Ascalon Foothills took me a really long time because I kept leeroying into hydras. We wiped quite a bit and most of us had death penalty. It's fun getting instagibbed by a single Inferno!

    But we recovered and headed into Diessa Lowlands, which took me two ...
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    Guild Wars 1
  5. Tyrian Vanquisher

    Oh dear. This title.

    I actually started a long time ago, referenced in this entry. With Cantha and Elona, with like, a single exception (Hello Crystal Overlook?) everything is connected to an outpost so there is no reason to do multiple areas in a row.

    You just kinda do it, finish, get a cup of tea, merch your crap and if you feel up to it do another. Right?

    No such thing with Tyria. And it's especially bad when you realize you can chain vanquish from a higher ...
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    Guild Wars 1
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