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Blog posts that cannot be categorized as either Guild Wars 1 or 2, but still has to do with the Guild Wars IP.

  1. The Pink Gotta Go

    I made this pink blog theme as a way to jokingly illustrate the extent of which people can personalize their blog space, but I think it has run its course. Now just to think of another, more srs bsns, theme. Strict black on white? Guild Wars reds? Gaming Gold on Black?

    I am thinking that I should maybe have a little contest. Yes, a contest! Let's see, gotta make it easy, fun and worth-while.

    So how about you personalize your own blog with a color scheme you think looks ...
  2. Should I try out Guild Wars if Guild Wars 2 is nearly out?

    Should I try out Guild Wars if Guild Wars 2 is nearly out?

    That's a question I've heard from a lot of friends - and on forums on the internet. It's a good question, yet a tough one to answer. If you're doubting whether or not you should, read on!

    Guild Wars is a great game, that is not to be disputed. There's tons of fun to be had, even if Guild Wars 2 would come out next month and you would stop playing then. If your main goal is to prepare for Guild Wars 2, get the ...