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  1. So I'm new at this.

    So as my title so aptly told you, I'm new at this blogging thing. My intent here is to provide a running dialog as a player who pretty much picks the support/heal role in every game I play.

    I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2 and Tera, although the latter may fall to the wayside when GW2 launches on the 25th.

    A bit of history: I played Guild Wars from its launch until about 2008 fairly regularly. I started in PvE and eventually became a regular in the PvP community - ...
  2. Diablo 3 Open Beta Impressions

    I played a bit of the Diablo 3 Open beta yesterday...I wanted to see if I needed to spend my hard earned cash on yet another game this year. After all there's this little game called Guild Wars 2 coming out shortly! However I do need something to tide me over until it's released. I could re-sub for another few months of Rift, but, hey, D3 Open Beta, how could I resist!

    Summary of experience: Yup, it's Diablo. Just like the last game only prettier. Clicky, clicky all over the place! ...