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  1. Jade Quarry - Tactics FTW




    The capping order for LARGE SHRINES are always:

    1. PURPLE
    2. YELLOW
    3. GREEN

    1. GREEN
    2. YELLOW
    3. PURPLE

    These are given in order of closeness to the Kurzick base. Obviously, the closer they are to the base, the sooner

    Updated 18-08-2009 at 02:45 by Смерть

  2. Guild Wars 2: Best Game Of 2012

    When Guild Wars arrived on in scene is was quite a surprise in the MMORPG world for it's use of face paced gameplay and the revolutionary grindless viewpoint. On top of that the insufficient month to month subscription charge. The PVP system was fun and balanced, and constant expansions were being released bringing new content all the time.

    For some time now Arena Net must've been hard at work pumping out an entire new MMO world with new professions, brand new gameplay settings, ...
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    Guild Wars 2
  3. Grind

    This blogpost arose as a reaction to a discussion found here:


    More specifically it responds to Alaris last post but in general it consists of musings over grind, timesinks and different viewpoints on these.

    Ways WoW's timesinks have been 'improved'

    1 Travel times have been improved in a number of ways. Hearthstone (bind to specific ...
  4. Level is irrelevant. Resistance is futile.

    My baby ranger is a fully flighted level 80 now, and it has made absolutely no difference to the way I'm playing the game. I haven't finished my personal story yet (it's at level 77) but I don't feel any compulsion to rush through to the end. I'm playing her now exactly the same way that I did when I created her at the headstart, except that she has some shiny things to wear. I have the same model of bow that I found at around level 30, because I've not found a prettier model. Her gear is nowhere ...
  5. SWTOR beta review from a WoW perspective

    My attempt at a 'professional' review, as 'professional' goes after only a weekend of play. Have divided it in Excellent, Good and Average. I dint really find any bad points so no category for that. Overall I was pleasantly surprised about the game, I have been highly sceptic but it won me over rather quickly :D Read why here:

    The excellent:

    Interactive questing

    Bioware's interactive storytelling brought to the MMO genre! If you ever dreamt of ...
    Tags: swtor, wow
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