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  1. Player_72985's Blog

    It's been over a year since my last blog entry, and since I started work at Nintendo. The job isn't 'stable', as one might like, I've had quite a few times where I got laid off for 1-2 months (2 months is the most common, and the 1 month only happened once). So my experience, testing wise, is 'around' 1 year with NoA, and just over 1 year of testing with ArenaNet as an Alpha.

    So now, here I am, on yet another 2-months off of work, waiting to get called back into work. What's ...
  2. EotN

    Well, I basically demanded that guildie and I should get Pain Inverter before progressing any further with the primary storyline. At 2-3h GW time every 2 days, this was a bit slow. Anyway, Baz got Pain Inverter, replaced Backfire with it, and we went to kick the last 3 primary mission's butt.

    Cyndr: 2x Livia with Lifestealing (not order of the vampire; I had no "lifestealing" elite, so she just went with non elites - that is, with the teamsetup, Order of Vampire made no ...

    Updated 29-10-2008 at 22:56 by Lytha

  3. Qin Li's Journey

    The smell of burnt fire powder permeated the air as I approached the compound that was to be the stronghold of the 1000 Dagger's Guild. The main entrance to the west of the compound took the form of a bridge across a high cliff. Once upon a time there would've been clashing waves below us. Now it was just a bed of jade frozen in silence.

    "We're late," said the masked man behind me. "The siege has begun." He quickly took out his daggers and checked his belt ...
  4. Tom Nook's Journal

    by , 13-01-2008 at 17:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    Here we are, my one hundredth entry.
    I would have liked it to be something special, but unfortunately that's not going to be the case.
    The reason why, well three words: Bonus Mission Pack.

    Let's get one thing straight from the start.
    It's good that ANet is making the Bonus Mission Pack available once again. It's great that they are reaching out to a wider player base by offering it from selected retail partners (though we don't know who they are at present) ...
  5. Canthia on a dime

    So here's another attempt at trying to do an entry.
    Man I wish some of this stuff wouldn't constantly make me so angry all the time.

    "EEEEEHaHaHaHahA! You're one of US now!"
    "yeah yeah. Just gimme my friggin candy cane shards"
    Little did Noa know, that she was farming for the unknown and elusive Polar Bear mini, ...