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  1. the memory of a hero

    i was looking around for a tyrian translator or at least something to give me some learning props, found something really interested.
    i think it's easy to translate but you can give it a try, might be more difficult then i give it credit.

  2. 2280 hours later ...

    by , 25-06-2012 at 00:01 (The Chronicles of Lucy)
    This is my first blog post.

    I got GWAMM today.

    I will never do that again.

    The end.

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    Tags: gwamm
    Guild Wars 1
  3. Chronicles of Briar-Lake

    by , 24-06-2012 at 18:14 (Chronicles of Briar-Lake)
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Rush. Seeing as this is my first blog post on the website, I want to use my first blog post to tell everyone what I will be talking about in posts to come, and to give everyone the opportunity to get to know me.

    My main focus will be on World vs World vs World (WvW), which is a huge topic. Each post I will bring you something interesting from WvW. It could be anything, from a guide to a certain event, or a story of something that happened to me. ...

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    Guild Wars 2
  4. Guild Wars 2: Best Game Of 2012

    When Guild Wars arrived on in scene is was quite a surprise in the MMORPG world for it's use of face paced gameplay and the revolutionary grindless viewpoint. On top of that the insufficient month to month subscription charge. The PVP system was fun and balanced, and constant expansions were being released bringing new content all the time.

    For some time now Arena Net must've been hard at work pumping out an entire new MMO world with new professions, brand new gameplay settings, ...
    Tags: guild wars 2
    Guild Wars 2
  5. The True Adventures of TRUE

    Glory be! After arming myself with information from a great tutorial video on crafting, I discovered it really wasn't difficult. I discovered I needed to scroll down the "recipe" list until I came to the 'refinements' section. Once I had accomplished this task, I then had finished materials from which I could craft items! Who'd a thunk it? Apparently not me! *grins*

    After getting a number of dyes as loot, I also played around with dyeing my armor. I actually enjoyed ...
    Tags: crafting, dye
    Guild Wars 2
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