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  1. GWOnline Blog Extravaganza - If I Were In Guild Wars 2 Beta

    In summary, if I were in Guild Wars 2 Beta I would do an excellent job.

    In detail, let me give you a little information about myself and why I know I would do an excellent job:

    I am a 29 year old mechanical engineering intern. I was a geek before it was cool. ;) I've played and completed all manner of games for many years, see the following list which I have limited to RPGs to give you a basic idea:

    Dragon Warrior (NES)
    Zelda I (NES)
    Guild Wars 2
  2. GWOnline Blog Extravaganza: Titles and an Everlasting Reindeer Tonic as Prizes!

    By now everyone should know that the Guild Wars 2 Beta signup has started. To mark this momentous occasion, we here at GWOnline decided to host our first ever "GWOnline Blog Extravaganza"!

    The rules are simple. You post a blog post here in the Community Blog section titled:

    "GWOnline Blog Extravaganza - If I Were In Guild Wars 2 Beta".

    One post per person. You can edit it as much as you like, the post as it stands one week from now, i.e. ...

    Updated 22-02-2012 at 19:26 by Lensor

    Guild Wars 2 , GWOnline.Net Site
  3. accident years ago

    - cant concentrate (so will go slower)
    - absences (so sometimes i will either stand still, or walk through lots of groups), which i have everyday and like all day (not non-stop, but enough to make me suck at games)
    - body doesnt work fast (slower reacting, always)
    - seeing stuff, like skills, goes slow..... (hard to explain) and so if i turn around, or defeated a group, my brains will have to pick it up, which is like restarting a pc..... i did something, then gotta do something ...
  4. Canthan Vanquisher Progress

    Currently sitting at 22/33 areas, and exploration of Cantha is at 90.2%. :O OMGz!

    So from those that are left I'm probably doing something like

    Eternal Grove > Drazach Thicket > Melandru's Hope > Sunjiang District > Shenzun Tunnels > Wajjun Bazaar > Raisu Palance > Haiju Lagoon > Jaya Bluffs > Kinya Province > Sunqua Vale


    Anyhow, vanquishing the Echovald just reminds me that even though I am in a Kurzick alliance, ...
    Guild Wars 1
  5. Thanks, Anet!

    Now, I know not everyone is happy with WoC. There are bad points to it. But I am happy with how everything turned out.

    1. The first part is boring and repetitive, although easy, except for Minister Cho's, which I hear was balanced. So thank you for making adjustments up and down so we can enjoy ourselves to the max.

    2. The second part got better.

    3. The third part was great and I enjoyed the final battle very much.

    4. I actually do like the story. ...
    Guild Wars 1