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  1. Canthia on a dime

    Rhea Windsong is no more, because MORON friggin assassin reFUSES to goddamn skip cutscene, and she dies a stupid death.
    No one else on, so I try doing it with pick up group.
    STUPID F***ING ME!!!

    People wonder why heros are used so much, this is why.
    God... freaking DAMN I am so bloody pissed....

    And it was an easy mission. Minister cho's estate.
    Just no one else on. I knew I SHOULD have waited for grave, waited for a friend of ...
  2. Ascalon II

    Regent Valley:
    - me: my cookiecutter + Drain Enchantment
    - Norgu
    - Olias
    - Tahlkora
    (same old, same old)

    Issues: Yes, there were issues when I aggroed 3 Shamans and 2 Grawl Warriors near the monument. Tahlkora died there, so did Norgu, and so did Olias. One after each other.

    The issue was partially my responsibility (well, aside from the overaggro which I had also caused), because I spammed my cookiecutter in the wrong order. CoP ...

    Updated 29-10-2008 at 19:21 by Lytha

  3. Canthia on a dime

    (Now Edited for clarity. Just to let people know, when I do posts on here, there's usually initial posts, and then after some hours or a day, I'll reread it, and then go through and make changes to grammer, structure, and other things, sometimes adding pictures I ment to add, to make things easier to comprehend. Would that I have an editor on hand.)

    Okay, so... I dig around through old crap on the counter I've got built up, and I find another BB card.
    I think this one's ...
  4. Tom Nook's Journal

    by , 07-09-2007 at 17:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    Found that elusive Nornbear and with Sif and Jora's help (and the wolf spirit of course), tracked it to its lair. What was interesting though is...

    Still, with that done I gained another Hero; Jora.
    My, she's a big girl isn't she?
    Doesn't have the bear abilities that the other Norn have, but it looks like there's ...
  5. Ascalon area I

    I have dumped Koss - he spent the time chasing the fast running monsters, not doing anything worthwile.


    (Primeval Shirt + Boots, Luxon 1.5k Pants, Ascalon-Style (? starter armor in tyria) Gloves: everything is (IIRC) blue+brown)

    HM Jokanur Digging:
    - Me with the usual (back to Cry of Pain, Backfire, Empa, MoR, ETap, EFeast, Guilt, Res Chant)
    - Dunko ...

    Updated 29-10-2008 at 19:20 by Lytha