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  1. Holy Cow! HIDE! Its upier's Blog!!

    by , 26-08-2007 at 09:01 (THE place for cootie shots!)


    It really is THAT good!
    Been playing the Bioshock demo and boy-oh-boy is it fun!
    And to top it off - it actually runs quite nicely on my crappy PC!
    And I want to play it NOW!!!
    BUT having no 360 means - no-no!
    And I am SOOOOOO not getting the pC version!
    http://kotaku.com/gaming/take-your-m...res-293293.php ...
  2. Tyrian cartographer

    The change in Tyria's map has increased the buffer above 100%, it seems.

    My monk hit 100% a few fog popups later than this (approaching the room with all the seals), though the wallhugging was quite identical. I estimate this here 0.2% earlier than it was on my monk. Maybe the old arenas now really don't count anymore.

    I hit Protector of Tyria after this shot and miss only 2 more ...

    Updated 29-10-2008 at 18:55 by Lytha

  3. Holy Cow! HIDE! Its upier's Blog!!

    by , 25-08-2007 at 09:17 (THE place for cootie shots!)
    Go me!

    As I've mentioned in Day 6! I've been super busy at being super lazy yesterday!

    I managed to sell my Wii!
    Got a decent price - so I didn't lose insane amounts of cash at that experiment! The other superb news regarding the consoles was more news of Falcon!
    I do hope that we'll be getting this around New Years!

    And after spending my whole morning ...
  4. I am Pointless...

    Right now I am just... ARGH! Frustrated! Stressed!

    Today I bought myself a ream of paper and a set of pencils, ready to get back to drawing again (something I kind of... stopped sometime after starting GW), only to realise that I forgot to buy a rubber and a sharpener - preferably electric.

    Secondly, if there's one thing that severely fks me off when trying to draw, it's hands. For some annoying reason, no matter how many times I try, I can't draw the buggers. ...
  5. Holy Cow! HIDE! Its upier's Blog!!

    by , 24-08-2007 at 19:36 (THE place for cootie shots!)
    Making a SERIOUSLY short one because I've been super busy at being lazy all day and I'll drop the juicy details on my ONE-WEEK-ANNIVERSARY post!
    WOOT for me!

    Just the thing that kept me entertained through yesterday:

    The drama!
    The *****-slapping!

    I LOVE IT!

    Smell you later alligators!