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  1. Phrasea Ex Scribilis

    [QUOTE=Kailden Jera;5053654]

    *evil laugher*
  2. The Sanitarium

    Well all nice and fuzzy on the first hunt.
    As much as people dont like the wyrm rides,they prove to be quite fun.
    And not to mention profitable ,along with the nice extras of sunspear points.
    Me and my girl had some fun chasing around van the silent near the end of the run (though if he had a voice he would had been screaming for help).

    Here is why

  3. Holy Cow! HIDE! Its upier's Blog!!

    by , 20-08-2007 at 09:29 (THE place for cootie shots!)
    Still going strong!
    Playing the lovely Resi4 on the Wii and having a blast! (As much one can have if one studies most of the day and then plays a bit ....)
    I have to say - deleting GW was one of my best ideas that I had in recent times!

  4. Qin Li's Journey

    I still felt the effects of the alcohol as I looked down at the glistening surface of the Jade Sea while we strolled outside Cavalon. At times it felt as if we were walking on water. Walking on the sea, to be exact. I had to consciously steady myself since at several instances I thought I was going to fall into and be swallowed up by the green waves. I remarked to the others the awe I felt seeing the once tumultuous waves that crashed into piers -- shaking the foundations and making the dock ...
  5. The Sanitarium

    Ladies and gentlemen,the ascalonian mouse magazine is happy to inform you that the blog owner is not anymore a single player.
    At friday 17th of august 2007 the player known as Grave Of Hearts became an ingame husband of a lovely puerto rican girl gamer which her name we will keep a secret
    Priest duty was done by Age Freedom,one of the oldest monks around guildwars and longtime friend.
    The ceremony was held in the clan hall that grave belongs,and 2 other friends attended ...