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  1. I am Pointless...

    In response to MV doing his job and changing a potentially flamebait thread title:
    Quote Originally Posted by Archedgar
    I am quite disturbed at the fact that they violated the thread title, they should say "changed title" somewhere, in order to reflect the fact that they altered my thread, which is fine, however, they should add it to the first post.

    Yes, this means you mods, at least have the decency and respect to leave your calling card after destroying a man's writing.
    To which I respond: ...
  2. Tom Nook's Journal

    by , 17-08-2007 at 17:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    So that's what happened to re-connects!

    Human greed never ceases to amaze me, did these people really think that they would never get caught? It was inevitable that ANet would become aware sooner or later about what was going on.

    It was then only a matter of time before steps were taken against those responsible. I bet that there are now quite a few players who will find themselves permanently banned from the game. I wonder whether they think it was all ...
  3. I am Pointless...

    I'm bored. And a bit bummed out, but I can't think why.

    So, I thought I'd try something different, starting with re-installing music app Cubasis 5 (Which I never used since I got my Alienware laptop) and a Commodore 64-based plugin, which allows you to make sounds not unlike those from the Commodore 64's SID sound chip. That didn't get far, because the twonk that wrote the plugin gave the whole thing a C64 command-line look (eye pain), left nothing in the form of a help ...
  4. Qin Li's Journey

    A sting in the cheek. Another. Left. Left. Right.

    "Hey hey hey!" Sting.

    I woke up finding the rodent padding my face. "Stop it. Stop it!" I yelled out to stop the pain.

    I opened my eyes and slowly got off my back and rose up only to see Zen snickering.

    "Well," she said as she held either side of my head and leaned over close to look at me, "looks like you're well enough to take what's coming ...
  5. Canthia on a dime

    Okay, post dragon fest.
    I spent pretty much all of sunday doing the events.
    I SHOULD have done more quests with charas that are able to do them, but most of the time I was resting for the next event.
    I managed to stock up about 3 stacks and a half before things got shut down.
    A friend of mine camped out thier chara for about 4 rounds, which helped.
    I had My main, and the secondary sitting in the back.
    Early on I did REAL well snagging presents. ...